P2 Homework W/B 6.11.17

Homework this week

Spelling – List  i– e. Magic ‘e’.  This turns a short sounding vowel into a long sounding vowel. Children will be taught a little memory aid: ” The  e at the end turns the ‘i’ into an ‘igh’.

Reading – as normal. Please send book bags in daily.

NumeracyLearnIts  this week will be stories of 10.

0 + 10        1 + 9           2 + 8            3 +7              4 + 6             5 + 5  ( and vice versa)  Numeracy Poster Design – Can your child design and make a Story of 10 poster, using the above sums? I’ll go over this in class with the children. To be ready for next Monday.

PE – Wednesday (Athletics) and Thursday (PE with Mrs Duncan)


Miss S Brunt

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