Cursive Handwriting

Here at Loanhead Primary we are very proud of our pupil’s handwriting and take particular care in our cursive/joined-up handwriting style. We use Letter-join as
the basis of our handwriting policy that covers all the requirements of the Curriculum for Excellence and our Big Writing structure.  We begin re teaching letter formation to ensure pupils are correctly forming letters that enable them to join with ease (e.g. Long ladder letters, curly caterpillars etc).  We then teach patterns and words and carefully build up pupil knowledge and skill in handwriting.

Handwriting is a basic skill that influences the quality of work throughout the curriculum. At the end of Second Level all pupils should have the ability to produce fluent, legible
and, eventually, speedy joined-up handwriting, and to understand the different forms of handwriting used for different purposes.

We aim to make handwriting an automatic process that does not interfere with creative and mental thinking. As a catalyst to speedy handwriting we encourage parents
and carers to encourage the use of cursive handwriting at home.

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