P4 New Topic- Science- The Water Cycle

Hi All,

Our new topic is the weather cycle, water in our homes, environment and its impact on living things. We will also explore how water changes state. We will also try to make our own clouds.

Shortly after we will look at water on a global scale oceans, rivers, continents and different environments and people and the ways that water, lack of and abundance, affects them.

We are going to be taking part in some science experiments in relation to this topic and are looking for some resources:

  1. Empty jars of any size.
  2. A spare hairdryer or two.
  3. Grownups who would like to help on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at about 1.15-2.30pm with some science experiments.
  4. Ice cube trays.

If you can help with any of these things send them in or come and see me anytime!



P4 and Mrs Cooney


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