Primary 4 Homework 30/08/16

P4 Homework 30/08/16

Please Note: Homework is distributed on a Tuesday and should be handed in on a Monday. However, some reading groups will have to read every day and their reading homework will be changed on a daily basis.

Spelling- Week 1) aw and oo

We will focus on the same sound for two weeks- additional words will be added next week.

Gorillas  ( aw ) sound

Pandas (oo) sound

Wolves (oo) sound

All Groups:

Words in jotters

  1. Write words three times and repeat them, noticing the tricky words and how they sound different. All groups have * tricky * words.
  2. Write a sentence for each word.
  3. Complete one Spell Well activity.


Purple and Orange – See new books and bookmark daily.

Red Yellow and Green- Comprehension worksheet “Public Transport” – to be completed for Monday 5th September.




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