🤩 Primary 2 – week beginning 22.8.22

Happy Monday,

Please remember to return the annual data letters, milk letters and flu letters ASAP.

✏️In Literacy we will be recapping writing stories with a beginning, middle and end, with a joining word and capital letters and full stops.  We are also revising key words and books previously read in order to regroup readers for the term. Please return book bags if you have not already done so.

🔢In Numeracy we are identifying numbers to 100, looking back to numbers before, after and in between.  We are also counting to a number off the decade from a random number. e.g. count from 27 to 48  These oral activities would be useful to practise regularly at home.

We have also been practising using this game to find number in between (to 100)


🦕 Our topic is dinosaurs – the children are very excited about this.


Mrs H

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