🌈22nd September – P1 News and information⭐️

🍎I hope everyone is well rested after their long weekend, I think everyone needed at least one ling lie, I know I did.🍏

This week our sounds are h and r, you can find the jolly phonics short songs clips on youtube, I am sure the children would love to perform them for you.

🎯Please remember to complete the Phonics homework book each week – this should be completed to r by this Friday.

📒 Most groups will have reading this week on Wednesday, please can bookbags and diaries come to school daily.

SEESAW – A couple of families have not yet accessed SEESAW, the feedback has been so positive about seeing your child’s learning journey so far, if you still need assistance please email me k.hinton@mgfl.net and I can email you the invite code for your child.

I have also set a short task on SEESAW for you to try if you wish (instructions and task are in the activities section), it discusses our RED ZONE 😡 and requires some discussion and using the app to note responses.  It is meant to be quite engaging and quick and useful for as all to play around with the app incase of  a time where more online activities will be required. 💻

💂🏻‍♀️ 👷🏻PEOPLE WHO HELP US is our topic and it is usually a really fun one as we can have visitors and great discussions around the topic.

This week I would like children to try and find a “person who helps us” and get a photo of themselves with that person (e.g. a family member who works in a shop (in uniform), lollipop lady, childminder etc).  Basically everyone helps someone and it would be nice to have photos of children with a variety of helpers.

Obviously, keep within the COVID guidelines but this is why I suggested a family member or standing beside a vehicle or building associated with people who help us.  Be creative 🙂 Also if you have relevant photos in your albums already these would be great to use too.

These can be emailed to me at k.hinton@mgfl.net.👩🏻‍🚒 👮🏻

NUMBER – We are working hard to recognise number words and matching them to numerals.  We are counting to and from 10 and adding numbers to make 10.

GENTLE REMINDER – We are not permitted to change shoes or clothes so come dressed for activities on Thursday.  WATER ONLY in water bottles unless this is just for lunch. WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL, THIS INCLUDES NUTELLA.

Many thanks

Karen Hinton

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