2.5.23 Primary 2 Homework etc


This week reading is not the usual book and instead it is a reading comprehension sheet.  PLEASE ask your child to read out the words and solve the problems themselves and do not do their work for them as this does not aid learning.


  1. There 2. That 3. With 4. Was. 5. Saw. 6. Came 7. Went 8. Played 9. Think 10. They

Please write these x3 in your jotter and then write them in sentences.  You can use more than 1 word for each sentence.

In Numeracy we are practising counting in 2’s and 10s and are looking at making 100 using 10s e.g. 80+?=100.  Children are identifying the link to their number bonds to 10 to solve these.

HIT THE BUTTON: Children should go on the website or app to complete the free game on Number bonds – to 100 (10s).  This is an excellent game for developing mental maths and number bonds to 10/20 which children should be able to mostly do without counting on fingers.


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