P6 – Week Beginning 27.1.20 – Information


The information for this week is as follows.


Wednesday – Skiing

Primary 6 will be skiing at Hillend ski centre. Remember to bring your warm ski clothing to change into and a water bottle. Last week was a lot of fun and the children all seemed to enjoy it. I was very impressed with the skiing skills that I saw!

Thursday – Junk Modelling

This Thursday, Primary 6 are joining their Primary 1 buddies to take part in a STEM challenge. P6 and P1 have designed their own baskets to carry apples by zip wire from class to class across the atrium. They have given careful thought about the strength, durability and weight of their materials. If you have any junk and packaging at home that you would be willing to donate to us to help us build our designs, Miss Ramsey and I would very much appreciate these donations.

PE – P6 have their PE lesson on a Thursday afternoon, so it is a reminder that all children will need their kit to change into each week.

Friday – Spelling dictation and revision of Numeracy homework.


Other News / Events

Times tables practice

I recommend continuing with some practice of times tables at home. The children all have their log in details for Sumdog and they can also access the website topmarks, which has fun games for practice.

Learning Trio Meetings – Term 2

All children in P6 have received a note with the time and date for the Learning Trio meetings for Term 2. These have been set for Thursday 6th February and Friday 7th February.

Athletics Competition

I want to congratulate the children who were involved in the Athletics competition last Tuesday, as they came in first place! This is a remarkable achievement, and all the children that took part were given a round of applause and much deserved recognition in assembly. Loanhead P.S were competing against schools from all of Midlothian, so very well done!

Burn’s Poem Recital Assembly

It was a fantastic assembly last Friday listening to all the wonderful poems being read and sang aloud. The children put in a lot of effort and it showed in their recitals. I want to thank the children in P6 for reciting their poems in class, which I really enjoyed! As well as the children who performed in Friday’s assembly. It was wonderful to see! Congratulations to the two winners from our class!


Mr. Nelson



P5 week beginning 27/01/20

Firstly we would like to say a well done to our 2 pupils who competed in the Scots Poetry Recital on Friday…they did extremely well and had clearly worked hard to learn it.

Homework this week:

Spelling: See purple spelling jotter as usual. All groups are to apply their understanding of the pattern and sound and find 5 (3 for Green group) new words that contain the pattern and sound. These should be accompanied with the meaning…please encourage your child to use a dictionary to help build their dictionary skills. All groups are to provide sentences or a paragraph containing their spelling words. FOR FRIDAY PLEASE.

Reading: Please see your child’s reading diary for set pages. We are focussing on prediction this week E.G. ‘What do you think will happen? Why do you think that? How do you know?’

PE is on the usual days of Tuesday and Thursday.

Learning Trio appointments have been sent home. If you need to change the time you have been given please contact the school office.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton

Primary 1 homeowrk w/b 27.1.20

Hello all,

Just a quick thank you to any of you who managed to complete the parent survey as part of our school inspection. All your feedback and comments are helpful so thank you for taking the time to do the survey.


This Thursday Primary 1 are joining their buddies to take part in a STEM challenge. P1 have been reading the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and p1 and p6 have designed their own baskets to carry apples by zip wire from class to class across the atrium. They have given careful thought about the strength, durability and weight of their materials. If you have an junk and packaging lying around at home that you would be willing to donate to us to help us build our designs we would be very grateful.


This week’s sound: oi (boil, foil, oil) and ue (cue, rescue)


As part of our Big Maths programme we have really been focussing on counting forwards in 2’s and 5’s. If you could continue to practise this at home it would be appreciated. Please remember to very your starting number and not always start at 0.


Chips- At the Sea Side

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday -p1-16

Thursday- Stage 3 word book

Biffs- On the Sand(NEW STAGE + NEW KEY WORDS)

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday –p1-16

Thursday- Whole Book

Kippers- Go Away Floppy

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

Independent Readers- Mum Bugs Big Bag

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

Miss Ramsay

This week’s homework (due Friday 31st January)

Good morning everyone (I am making this week’s homework announcement early today while I still remember to do it!).

This week’s homework is the spelling pattern /ue/ and reading as per usual. The /ue/ pattern words are as follows:

  1. sunk
  2. book
  3. huge
  4. fuse
  5. rescue
  6. queue
  7. ewe
  8. useful
  9. seventeen
  10. eighteen

One skill I would recommend practising with your child for reading is making conclusions about their book. This could include judgments on certain characters after finishing the book or discussing summaries of the book’s main plot points.

Thank you!

Mr McGaff

Eco Committee News Update January 2020

Hi all,

The Eco group met recently to discuss where we’re at, where we’re going and how best to get there!

Here is a copy of the minutes:


  • Litter picking areas where rubbish is collecting and gathering with the wind. Four areas identified, P7 have noted these on map
  • Crisp packet collection boxes are very successful and the lower atrium box needs to be emptied into the large box in upper atrium
  • Eco reps reminded to go back to class and encourage pupils to continue using the crisp recycling boxes and litter pickers daily
  • Dinner hall water bottles have stopped and children are now using glasses which are beside the water fountain – great success!
  • Hopefully the next step will be to dispense with juice cartons and replace these with jugs and glasses
  • The recycling paper is overflowing in classrooms so we need to request regular removal of this
  • A suggestion of bike covers for bikes in playground as they are becoming rusty and this may be a reason that some children are not cycling to school and are being driven instead

Points of Action:

  • Arrange meeting with Janitor – bins, paper recycling
  •  Arrange meeting with Dining Room Manager  to see where else  plastic and waste can be reduced
  •  To reinstate the garden beds; plant flower beds for bees and possibly build a bug hotel.
  • To contact Terracycle about uplifting our first 8kg of empty crisp packets for recycling.

It’s fair to say that the dining room staff have been super at trying to find ways to cut waste. The Eco Committee hope to organise a spring litter pick in and around the school grounds soon.

Thanks for reading,

The Eco Committee

(Staffed by Mrs J Watts and Miss S Brunt)

P7 Info W/B 27th January 2020

Hi all,

Athletics CompetitionWell done Loanhead Primary for not only WINNING the athletics competition two weeks ago but we have since heard that Loanhead also WON the whole county competition ( beating 27 other schools!). Our lads and lassies will proudly go on to represent Midlothian in the local county championships at the end of February. For a small school, this is an incredible achievement! Loanhead, you rock!

Poetry– A huge well done to MB, AO and LCh for giving us a musical rendition of ‘Scots Wha Hae’ at the annual Scots Poetry recital on Friday.

Maths/Numeracy – a numeracy sheet will be sent home on Wednesday to be completed by next Wednesday. This week we are studying finance.

Debates – Debates take place this week on Tues, Wed and Thursday. Your child knows which day he/she is debating on. Children should have researched and written notes at home for this.

Pupil Talks/Kids Teach – Many children are nearly finished preparing their WW2 pupil talks. I will confirm dates with pupils this week as to when they can present their work.

RME – We will be finding out about Judaism over the next couple of weeks and learning about Jewish places of worship, Holy books, artefacts, festivals, customs and making a comparison of these with Christianity.

Schedule for the week:


PE – please bring a full kit to change into.


PE – please bring a full kit to change into.


PE – please bring a full kit to change into.

Maths/Numeracy sheet home


That’s all for now!

Thank you,

Miss S Brunt


P4 Homework w/c 27.1.20

Hello and a huge well done to all those pupils who took part in the Scottish poetry competition last Friday. P4 were particularly proud of FC and AP for their fabulous contribution.


  • Spelling: Pupils will write their new spelling words in their jotter on Wednesday this week. At home they should use:


to write out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory

  • Numeracy & Maths: please continue to practise individually chosen, times tables for ‘hot-seat’ testing in class
  • Reading: pupils will continue to learn new Literacy Circle roles in class over the next few weeks so there will be no need to take reading books home.  Reading groups will continue to be heard in class
  • Pupil Talks: pupils have chosen dates and times for their personal choice of topic to be presented to the class (slips went home w/c 13.1.20). Talks should be approximately 2 minutes with questions at the end. Skills will be taught in class over the coming weeks and slips include some handy hints but please ensure pupils do not worry about this and have fun preparing. We look forward to hearing the following pupils on Wednesday afternoon: TC, HC, FA, ZM, MK & CS
  • PE : will continue as normal this week on Tuesday and Thursday with a P4 class handball tournament on Fridays over the coming weeks

Additional Information

Thursday 6th February 2020 – Learning Trio, 3:45pm – 8:00pm, Appointment slips will come home with pupils on Monday 27th January

Friday 7th February 2020 – Learning Trio, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

As always, many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy

P2 Homework w.b. 27.1.20

I would just like to say a huge well done to LT and ES who showed great confidence reciting their poems to the whole school on Friday – the class and I are very proud of them both. 🙂

Learning Trio Appointment slips have been given to every child last week, if you require a change to your appointment then please contact the school office regarding this. Just a gentle reminder that your child must be present at the meeting too. 

For the next few weeks, P2 will have P.E. on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Rugby will also continue this week on Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child brings a bottle filled with water and a full P.E kit.

Homework for the week:

Reading: As always, the pages to be read have been written in your child’s green reading record. Please sign beside the date to show reading has been completed each night.

Spelling: This week we are learning magic e with u (u_e). For example, cube, tube and flute. Just a reminder that children can write their spelling list in rainbow colours, silly sentences or even do an active activity (play dough words, making words with magnets etc.) – you can glue photos of this in their jotter or write about it!

Please never hesitate to contact me if you require anything – L.Waller@mgfl.net

Thank you all so much for your continued support,

Miss Lauren Waller