Primary 1 homeowrk w/b 27.1.20

Hello all,

Just a quick thank you to any of you who managed to complete the parent survey as part of our school inspection. All your feedback and comments are helpful so thank you for taking the time to do the survey.


This Thursday Primary 1 are joining their buddies to take part in a STEM challenge. P1 have been reading the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and p1 and p6 have designed their own baskets to carry apples by zip wire from class to class across the atrium. They have given careful thought about the strength, durability and weight of their materials. If you have an junk and packaging lying around at home that you would be willing to donate to us to help us build our designs we would be very grateful.


This week’s sound: oi (boil, foil, oil) and ue (cue, rescue)


As part of our Big Maths programme we have really been focussing on counting forwards in 2’s and 5’s. If you could continue to practise this at home it would be appreciated. Please remember to very your starting number and not always start at 0.


Chips- At the Sea Side

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday -p1-16

Thursday- Stage 3 word book

Biffs- On the Sand(NEW STAGE + NEW KEY WORDS)

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday –p1-16

Thursday- Whole Book

Kippers- Go Away Floppy

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

Independent Readers- Mum Bugs Big Bag

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

Miss Ramsay

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