P5 Week Beginning 25/04/22

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have all had a restful and healthy Easter break. I’m sure the children were ready for it.

This week:

Reading – please see your child’s reading book as usual.

Spelling – please see spelling jotter.

Individual Presentation – more information about this will be posted in Google Classroom.

Numeracy – As usual please continue to work on rapid recall of times tables to develop a secure knowledge of this.

As this is the week before we go to camp, I will be chatting to the children  about all the arrangements during this week. I will share any information on Google Classroom so please ask your child about this.

As always please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Lisa Cumming     l.cumming@midlothian.education

P7 Info W/B Monday 21st February 2022

Hi all,

Welcome back!

We have a packed term coming up which culminates with our trip to Dounans Camp. Lots to look forward to!

We welcome Mr Forbes back full time until Easter. Music is his specialism so we are embarking on a song writing project while he is with us.

Our topic this term is ‘Natural Disasters’.

📚Reading – We will soon finish The Diary of Anne Frank. World Book Day  is 3rd March this year – more info to follow. We will be conducting a reading survey within P7 and issuing the First Minister’s Reading Challenge to encourage reading for enjoyment. Within class, we will be focussing on deeper learning comprehension skills using short extracts of fiction and poetry.

Also in  Literacy ( talking/listening),  we plan to look at types of questions and run some more debates.

🎽 PE  – Tuesday and Thursday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors. Remember to bring a water bottle for hydration. 

***Lunches***-  P7  can once again order a hot meal from the school canteen. Please purchase via ParentPay beforehand.  I have displayed the three week menu in class so the children can look up what’s for lunch by themselves.

Alternatively, children can bring in their own packed lunch from home to eat.

Learning TriosParental Meetings take place  week beginning 28th February. Appointment letters should be be issued on Monday 21st.

💻Chromebook Rollout! Exciting news!

Pupils will be able to take their Chromebooks home this week but must be brought back daily, fully charged. Thank you.

🥁Drumming – P7 have their 3rd African Drumming session on Thursday morning.

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling –  Please hand in completed work on Friday. Please ensure all writing is neat.

🧮 Maths/Numeracy –General revision – a worksheet will be issued on Thursday.


That’s all for now,

Thank you,

Miss Brunt

p3 homework 7.2.22

Hi everyone,

Homework –

Homework will start to go out on a Tuesday and be returned the following Monday. This is to accommodate families who have parents working long hours and children with extracurricular activities. If you wish to still hand in Friday that isn’t a problem.

HWB Bingo

Last week in school we were discussing mental health and how to manage difficult emotions. We spoke about how it is particularly important for us to recognise our feelings, manage them and respond to them. We also spoke about ways in which we might help keep ourselves in the green zone (calm, happy, relaxed, peaceful) . To extend this learning a little further I have stuck a health and wellbeing bingo sheet into each child’s jotter. I have set the children a challenge.

If they successfully manage to complete 4 of the tasks they will receive 2 raffle tickets.

If they successfully manage to complete 8 of the tasks they will receive 4 raffle tickets.

If they successfully manage to complete 12 or more of the tasks they will receive 6 raffle tickets.


Spelling words have been glued into the children’s jotters. Please remember to practise the words AND write the sentences unless this has been discussed with me previously.



Dragons : Bones

Tuesday– p1 -11

Wednesday – p12-22

Thursday- p23-33

Fri/Weekend  p33 – 55



Nessies: The Goalie from Nowhere

Tuesday– p1 -11

Wednesday – p12-22

Thursday- p23-33

Fri/Weekend  p33 – 55


Unicorns – Cool Clive Keeps His Cool

Tuesday –  Chpt 1 + Chpt 2

Wednesday –  Chpt 3 + 4

Thursday- Chpt 5, 6 + 7

Friday/Weekend –  Chpt 7 – End


Kelpies – The Masked Cleaning Ladies of OM

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End


Selkies – Viking Adventure

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End

Mermaids – The Lost Key

Tuesday–– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay



P5 Week Beginning 17/01/22

Dear Parents / Carers,

It has been a lovely first week back and I think the children have all been happy to be back. Apologies for the long post this week!

P.E. Reminder MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Please make sure children are dressed appropriately and are prepared to be outside should this happen. 

Mandarin: Wednesday as usual.

School lunches: As you may be aware P5 are now entitled to free school lunches. At the moment we are still eating in class but a hot option is available from next week. I will collate children’s choices every morning for the kitchen.

Milk Money: This must be returned to school by Monday 17th at the latest.

Scottish Topic: As we are close to the annual Burns’ Celebrations we are exploring various aspects of history and life in Scotland; this is a whole school topic. Every child has a Scottish poem to learn. Please support them in learning this and adding any actions, expression, props so that they can perform in front of the class and possibly be selected to perform for our annual Scot’s Poetry Recital Competition.

Chromebook Consent Form: If you have not already done so please could you complete the consent form so that your child can receive their device when they are distributed from the council. These are to be used at school and at home. Please see the following information from Mrs Hinton and link to the form:

“Thank you to the families who have already filled out the forms as part of the exciting Midlothian Council scheme to allocate each child  with a learning device. So far, 65% of pupils are enrolled to be allocated devices when the time comes.

Please see below for more information.  There is a form to fill out which takes around 5 minutes.  If possible, please enter the midlothian.education username and password for your child (they know this as they use it to log in to chromebooks at school).  The form can be done without this but it does make the process quicker if you use it.  Every child has been given this!  (P5’s is on a green card)

Parental Acknowledgement Form (must be completed ASAP).


There are answers to frequently asked questions on the Equipped for Learning site, as well as useful contacts should you wish to discuss the scheme further.”

Homework: Reading – see reading book as usual.

Spelling – see homework jotter for spelling words and focus sound pattern.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming l.cumming@midlothian.education



Equipped for learning information

As part of Midlothian Council’s Equipped for Learning programme, a digital device for learning is being provided to every child of school age. This is to ensure that all young people have access to the technology they need for learning, both at school and at home.

For further information on the programme, and to fill out the parental agreement form please see the links below.  The devices will not be allocated for full use until the agreements are filled out.  This is an online form.

Equipped for Learning Information



Parental Acknowledgement Form (must be completed ASAP).


P7 Info W/B 20th December 2021

Hi all,

The final few days of term are upon us!

PE – Monday and Wednesday.

The last three days will consist of finishing previous work/projects; a final Zoom  assembly on Wednesday; online pantos; watching the class song recordings; Christmas card making & crafts. We will prepare and organise for next term. We will tidy our trays out and send work home, if appropriate.

For obvious reasons, we are being extra vigilant with hand sanitising and room ventilation. The latter often means that windows and doors are open so children may wear extra layers or coats in class if they wish.

***School finishes on Wednesday 22nd December at 3:15 pm. Pupils resume Tuesday 11th January 2022.*** 

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy time and see you all in 2022!

Miss S Brunt





P5 Week beginning 6/12/21

Good Morning,

Firstly can I please encourage you to send an extra jumper, cardigan, body warmer etc, for your child to keep in class. Our classroom does get chilly with the windows open for ventilation.  Also as we try to get outdoors in most weather please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing.

Homework this week:

Spelling and reading, please see jotters and reading books for information.

Numeracy: will be given out on Tuesday and to be handed in the following Tuesday.

P.E.: Tuesday and Thursday as usual.

Mandarin: Wednesday.

Tuesday 7th December: We will be watching the Dunedin Consort performance.

Filming for the Christmas Song: This will take place on Thursday. Please can your child bring a CHRISTMAS JUMPER, HAT  (or Santa hat, deely boppers etc) AND SCARF AND GLOVES. (If you do not have these items please don’t worry, we have resources in school we can use).

Our school is one of the donation points for the Church Christmas donations. If you would like to donate a gift (unwrapped) to the school office for this, then please do so by Friday 10th December. 

Reminder: On Monday 13th December P5 will be carol singing at the Horn from 2.00pm. Please come and join us if you are able to, we would love to see you.

Kind regards,

Lisa Cumming


p3 homework 03.12.21

Hi everyone,



Can everyone ensure Xmas lunch letters and photo and recording approval letters are signed and handed in ASAP. Recording for xmas songs will happen this week and if we don’t have the form unfortunately your child won’t be able to take part. Lunch letters were due in today (6th Dec) and similarly if you do not provide written permissions we can’t serve xmas lunch and your child will be expected to bring packed lunch. Unfortunately this is the case due to the new Natasha’s law. So please hand them in so we can all celebrate together!

Lunch hall

This week p3 will be returning to the lunch hall. I know some children are quite anxious about this. At present, the only other classes using the hall are p1, p2 and a small amount of children from the other classes who opt for hot meals so crowds and noise are reduced. This should make the transition a little easier.



Spelling words have been glued into the children’s jotters. Please remember to practise the words AND write the sentences unless this has been discussed with me previously.


I have stuck a numeracy/maths grid the the back of your child’s homework jotter. The expectation is that only one brick (activity)  be completed per week. Can you colour the brick after your child has completed the activity AND is confident in doing so independently.

A Sumdog challenge on 2D Shape has also been set for each pupil at their level and will be available until next Friday.



Snooty Prune

Monday – Chapter  one and two

Tuesday – Chapter three and four

Wednesday- Chapter five

Thursday–  Select an extension task from accompanying reading sheet

This can be found at:

ttops_fic_snootyprune_tns (1).pdf


The Quest

Monday- p1-6

Tuesday – p7-12

Wednesday – p13 – 18

Thursday-  p19-23        Create your own comic strip with at least 4 boxes about what you think happens next.



The Litter Queen

Monday – p1- 8

Tuesday– p8 –16

Wednesday- p17 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32

Extension: Select an extension task from accompanying reading sheet

This can  be found at:



Roman Adventure

Monday – p1- 8

Tuesday– p8 –16

Wednesday- p17 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32

Extension: Select an extension task from accompanying reading sheet

This can  be found at:



Robin Hood

Monday – p1- 6

Tuesday– p7 –12

Wednesday- p13 – 18

Thursday- p19 – 24

Extension: Select an extension task from accompanying reading sheet

This can  be found at

ort_bck_robinhood_tns.pdf (oupjapan.co.jp)


Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay