P6 Info W/B 12th October 2020

Hi all,

**Change to PE this week**

P6 will have PE on Monday  this week so need to dress appropriately for this. The reason for the swap, is that we are having an online workshop with a scientist on Tuesday afternoon. Children will prepare questions on Monday to ask the scientist . Sorry for the short notice, I forgot to let children know on Friday!

Spelling homework is as normal – please hand in completed work on Friday.

Maths/numeracy – Last week we were revising multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. There’s plenty of work still to be done on this so we’ll continue on this week , progressing onto work with multiples of 10s,100s, and 100s.  ( 40x 20     50 x 70    30 x 200    80 x 700    300 x 200   and so on) The importance of children knowing their basic tables is paramount.

Wherever possible, children are encouraged to spot patterns, make connections and follow repeat processes. This takes the ‘fear factor’ out of maths in many cases!

  • I will send home a revision worksheet on Wednesday and plan to set a Sumdog challenge too.

Science – Last week, P6 had lots of fun creating chain reaction runs. There were so many important skills developed within this seemingly simple task. Children were very enthusiastic about this so we’ll have another session on Wednesday.

Topic – A new topic, to be revealed,  will be launched next term. This week, we’ll finish our art studies of leaves and water droplets.

Handwashing – Everyone is doing a great job of hand washing in class and we must not lose focus on this. Please remind your child to hand wash or sanitise entering/leaving the school building and before/after eating.

Finally, a reminder that half term begins on Friday 16th October at 12:25pm. Pupils return to school on Tuesday 27th October and will have PE on this day.


Miss Brunt

P6 Info W/B 28th September 2020

Hi all,

There’s not much change to the week ahead from previous weeks. Homework is still Spelling and Maths.

Maths/Numeracy – A numeracy worksheet will be sent home on Thursday.

PE – Tuesdays


HT Award – As a school, we managed to have our first Assembly via Zoom. There was a couple of technical issues to sort out but hopefully we’ll be up and running again by next Friday. It will be nice to see other classes once more.

Congratulations to Tamar for receiving this month’s HT Award.

Science – What fun P6 had, testing and comparing materials for water absorbency! After having five minutes of being allowed to go mad squirting water with the plastic syringes outside, children quickly settled down to design their own experiments to test sample materials. These tasks generated an amazing amount of interesting discussion! Most pupils declared the sponge as the most absorbent. We will extend this topic to next week.

Art – Each week we focus on a technical skill. Recently, we have drawn scenes with vanishing points, studied shadows and last week, developed shading techniques using hatching/cross hatching.

Drama and Circle of Friends – On Mondays, P6 have a drama session and have been working on improvisation skills. Circle of Friends is part of Health and Well-being where children participate in activities exploring friendship and relationships.

Music – Although we have no music specialist teacher this term, P6 are still having a musical session on Friday mornings where they have been learning a bit about rhythm, beat , tempo, pitch and other dynamics. We have now been offered some rhythmic/percussion sessions with Daniel who normally coaches African Drumming.

That is all for now,

Miss Brunt

Aliens love Underpants

Good afternoon.
Here is our story of the week.
A funny story the children will all be familiar with from nursery.
Click on the link below to enjoy listening to the story. There are some activities and ideas linked to the curriculum to keep children busy.
Enjoy 😊

07Aliens Love UnderpantsEYT

Glow Troubleshooting

• I checked all pupil usernames and passwords last week and was able to log into Glow but if there are issues please email me at k.hinton@mgfl.net.

• CANNOT ACCESS GOOGLE CLASSROOM? – It works best on Chrome browser and you need to have a google account logged in. If there are 2 or more children in the house then you may need to make a new google account with glow email (ending in @mc.glow.scot) and have that logged in. I know this is annoying but should save time in the long run – different versions of Chrome require different things.

  • The google classroom app will not work, you need to use the google chrome browser and Glow.
  • Google classroom work can be done on paper/jotters and handed in by uploading a hwhoto of the work and sending it within the assignment (there is a small video I made about this in most Google Classrooms)
  • Midlothian Glow and Google Classroom help page is now up and running, if you have no device to access google classroom you can also request to loan a device from this link. https://sites.google.com/mc.glow.scot/distancelearning-parentcarer/

• Sumdog and Education city can be accessed online without Glow if you have issues.

• If you get locked out of Glow, it usually only lasts ten minutes before allowing you to retry.

I will try to update this with common troubleshooting issues the more that I come across. Thanks for your patience,

Mrs Hinton

P7 Update Re: School Closure Friday 20th March 2020

Hi all,

It’s a very sad and emotional time for us all with school closing indefinitely from Friday lunchtime. I understand that P7 are very anxious and upset about missing out on the final term and all the fun events planned. I am too!

Mrs Donnelly has assured P7 that IF schools do not reconvene before the summer holidays ( obviously no-one knows yet what will happen week to week in the future) then pupils will have an opportunity to come back to Loanhead Primary after the summer break to have their Leaver’s send-off. No-one wants P7 to simply leave tomorrow and not have a chance to say farewell properly and have proper closure leaving primary school.

Children have the chance to get their red hoodies signed today and tomorrow .

When at home in term time, can P7 please log into Glow daily to complete their online lessons. Please also check this web page weekly – I’ll try to update for Mondays each week and keep you posted.

I can be contacted through my email :   S.Brunt@mgfl.net     I will be working from home and available during school hours.

Finally, can I just take this opportunity to express how much I have enjoyed teaching this class for nearly two years. There are so many talented, enthusiastic and creative pupils in this group. But most of all, I will always remember, all the daft chats and laughs we have had along the way!

I really hope everyone gets through these unusual and unique times safely and healthily.

Thanks for all your support,

Miss Sara Brunt



P1 Homework week beginning 9.3.20

Hello All,

School News

Next week sees ‘Road Safety Day’ ( Beep Beep Day!) on Wednesday the 18th so the Junior Road Safety Officers and Mrs Sharp has organised some activities for children. Pupils have been asked if they can wear one Hi-Viz or brightly coloured item of clothing to school that day.


Can I please reiterate that toys should not be brought to school unless it is a Friday. It is becoming an increasingly disruptive issue as more and more children bring things to school and are distracted by them throughout the day.


We are still working our way through consonant blends. This week’s initial blends are: sp, sn, sm, st, sc , sk*and sw.

This website has loads of fun online games focused on consonant blends.


*sk can come at the beginning or end of a word.

Letter formation site

I mentioned this site to many parents at the learning trios and realised I haven’t yet put it on the site. Apologies for the delay. This site shows children how to form their letters correctly and where to start and end.



I have sent home a literacy home learning wall in your child’s book bag (also attached below). This is just a variety of activities you can do to work on your child’s phonic awareness and blending skills. I have also sent home a jotter, it is A4 and labelled handwriting, which you can use to evidence any work they do. Feel free to use this as you see fit, children can work directly in the jotter or can glue in work or pictures.


Chips- The Play

Mon- p1-8

Tues -p9-16

Wed – Whole Book


Biffs- Kipper the Clown

Mon- p1-8


Wed-Whole Book

Thurs- Activity

Kippers – New Dog

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book


Floppy’s -Singing Dad

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book

Thurs-Activity (Word Pairs)

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

P7 Info W/B 2nd March 2020*EDITED*

Hi all,


Congratulations to our P6 and P7 athletics team who competed in the East of Scotland Indoor Athletics Champs, representing Midlothian along with King’s Park Primary. We finished 8th out of 12, competing against the winners of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Borders, West Lothian and Stirling. This is an amazing achievement especially as we are a small school who took a team of  just 24 athletes whereas some schools brought 40 athletes with them. Our pupils had several events to do each. We are so immensely proud of each and every one of our athletes and hope that he/she enjoyed this experience.

World Book DayThursday 5th March – children are encouraged to create a 3d model of their favourite book character for Wednesday please.

Dental Nurse – Will visit P7 for check ups on Tuesday. Letters were sent home about this.

Headstrong Programme – This P7 programme starts on Friday but there is an opportunity for parents to drop in on Tuesday at 3pm if anyone would like more info on this. You can speak with Leisa Randall, the course co-ordinator.

Independent Study – The reading comprehension task about the weather is now due on Friday. *I will catch up with those who still have their fractions and percentages home task to hand in. This week, we will concentrate on decimals in numeracy and data handling in maths.

*EDIT* There was a disappointing return of the previous numeracy task ( less than 50% of class returned their work!) I am sending a revision maths/ numeracy task home this week and there is an expectation that this work is completed and handed in on time!

And finally…

Unbelievably, it is coming to the time where thoughts are turning to the end of primary school for P7s and looking ahead to new adventures at secondary school! We are already exploring ideas for the end of term P7 show. However, I wondered if parents could start to send in  (maximum of 2) photos of your child on their first day at school ( even if not at Loanhead at that point). Failing this, a photo of your child when they were about 5 years old would do just as well. I know this maybe seems early but time really does fly by! You can send a digital photo to me at S.Brunt@mgfl.net or hand in an actual print for me to scan. The photos will be used in a PowerPoint display at the show. TIA!

Schedule for the week:



Tuesday: PE


‘Headstrong’ drop-in @ 3pm

Wednesday: PE

WBD Book character model in


Rugby – bring PE clothes to be able to play rugby outside in the MUGA.

Friday – ‘Headstrong’ begins

Reading Comp Task due in.

That’s all for now,