P5 Week Beginning 15/11/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week:

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our Poppy Appeal. The P7s produced a beautiful assembly to remember those we have lost.

School Lunches / Parent Pay: From Monday children can buy a school lunch instead of bringing their own packed lunch. If they choose to do this they will probably be eating in the lunch hall. If your child chooses to have a school lunch and has a food allergy or intolerance please send in a signed note stating what they are to order for lunch. This is to comply with new legislation.

Reading – please see reading book for homework.

Spelling – please see spelling jotter for the pattern or sound they are learning.

P.E. is as usual on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday Miss Sun is not in so we will have no mandarin.

The children seemed to have enjoyed learning about COP26 and the importance of Climate Change.

I hope to complete all the parent/child ‘trio’ consultations this week, I will then send home the completed forms.

P6 are organising ‘Children in Need’ this week. On Friday we have ‘Dress Down’ day….please bring a £1. Can you ensure that children are not wearing football strips, onesies or pyjamas.

From Monday, as part of Children in Need, P6 are having a ‘Guess the Sweets in the Tub’ this will cost 50p and the children can take part at break or lunch time throughout the week.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming


P7 Info w/b Monday 1st November


Hi all,

🎽 PE  – Monday and Wednesday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors. Remember to bring a water bottle for hydration. 

Bud Bus – Visits Loanhead P7 on Monday 1st November. Children get to learn all about the annual poppy appeal and its history.

🚴‍♀️ Bikeability – Group 1 have their final session on Monday 1st November.  These are: LC , CR, LBar, SW, EvT, AR, IG, JM and CG.

Parents Eve/Afternoon: Children will bring an appointment slip home on Monday 1st Nov. If this appointment is unsuitable, then please get in touch with the school office. Please remember that if you wish to change your appointment to a phone call, this will be on a different day, and not Wednesday or Friday. Please note, if you are attending a face to face appointment, that it should only be yourself and your child at the appointment. We will be using the classroom door as our entrance/exit, keeping a safe distance, wiping down surfaces and wearing masks to keep everyone safe.

👐PEER MEDIATION TRAINING – P7 will be trained to be peer mediators during sessions run by Tara Larkin, every Tuesday. Once trained, children can volunteer to take turns to be peer mediators in the playground – this means they can help to sort out any disputes between younger pupils.

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling –  Please hand in completed work on Friday. Please ensure all writing is neat.

Research task – A task about poppies will be issued on Tuesday  ( paper form or on Google Classroom). P7 will lead an assembly on this soon.

📚Reading – Can every child please have a personal reading text in school for such times when children may read quietly.

My new email address :



That’s all for now,

Thank you,

Miss Brunt





P3 Homework W/B: 27.9.21

Hi everyone,


  • This week is Maths week AND Bike week in Loanhead.

BIKE WEEK – Children are encouraged (weather permitting) to cycle to school to raise awareness of this as a healthy alternative way to travel.  Any child who participate will be given a ticket and will be entered into the raffle to win a prize! We also have ‘Bling your Bike’ taking place on Wednesday so get creative and get decorating!


We are also taking part in national Maths week . We will be taking part in different maths challenges both indoor and outdoors. The theme this year is maths in real life so if you wanted to support this you could discuss how you use maths and numeracy in your everyday life and why it is important. Take the opportunity when you are out and about to point out how maths is used everywhere from bus timetables to speed limit signs, shops to cooking.  Another great opportunity to highlight the importance of maths in the real world  is the maths week trail being hosted by the national museum which can be picked up from the museum or downloaded here:

Museum trails (nms.ac.uk)

This could be a fun day out and supports what we are highlighting in school this week.

The children have also been entered into a SUMDOG contest this week that is lots of fun and Sumdog is excellent for just general practise as well as allow me to set targetted tasks for each child/group. The Sumdog passwords will go out on Tuesday and all children will have practised logging on by themselves on Tuesday morning so will know what to do.



The Lie Detector

Tuesday -Chapter One and Two

Wednesday- Chapter Three and Four

Thursday– Chapter Five and Six

Extension- ICT -Ask children to use a search engine to find out more about the author Susan Gates. Ensure that the
children only have access to child-friendly sites.
• Prompt the children to find out what a polygraph, or lie detector, really looks like on the internet


Princess Pips Holiday

Tuesday -Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Extension- Further Reading

•Find the word ‘sprouts’ on page 10. Ask the children to work in pairs to list more words they know
beginning with ‘spr’, using a dictionary to find more.
• Ask the children, in pairs, to scan the story for everything that Princess Pip found boring. Ask each pair
to make a list of the events in order.


Egyptian Adventure

Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The Laughing Princess

Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


Rotten Apples

Tuesday- p1 – 8

Wednesday- p8-16

Thursday- p17 – 24


Spelling is as it was last week using the attached spelling menu.


Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay


Primary 2 Homework 22/9/21


The homework for this week has gone home today and is due in on Monday 27th September please.

Our sound of the week is ‘th’ and the spelling words to practise are:

us     sad     flag     this     with

that     thank     me      we     thinking

We often enjoy a fruit snack during the afternoon if the children would like to bring in an extra piece of fruit to have at that time.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

P5 Week beginning 13/09/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to meet Scott Quin, a local Paralympian, on Friday. P5 thought of some fabulous questions to ask him. What an inspirational young man!

This week:

Reading homework – please see your child’s reading books.

Spelling: – please see your child’s spelling jotter for their spelling sound and words.

Monday – children will be voting for their P7 House Captain.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday – Mandarin.

Wednesday 7.00pm Parent Council AGM.

Friday – Assembly.

Please remember that Monday 20th is a holiday.


Lisa Cumming


P6 Info w/b 14th June 2021

Hi all,

The final two weeks of term are upon us but there’s  still so much to do!

Parents Consultations – You should have received an 10 minute appointment time for Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

BRAKE Walk – BRAKE is a road safety charity and on Wednesday 16th , each class will walk approximately half a mile to promote road safety awareness. The route will take us out of the school premises.

Sports Day – Well done P6 Dryden for winning this year’s P6 sports. Photos of the day can be found on the Loanhead PS Twitter feed.

Poetry Competition – Class winners and overall winners of this year’s poetry competition will be announced at Friday’s assembly.

‘Kids Teach’ – Children have been excitedly planning  lessons to teach to their peers over the final two weeks. We have been able to use Chromebooks to plan this too, which the pupils have loved.

Picnic Lunch– I haven’t chosen a specific day for our picnic lunch -we’ll be spontaneous on the day depending on weather and staff.

Euro 2021 – Children will be split into small teams, given a country to represent and then play in a fun football tournament this week.

PE – Tuesday

That’s all for now,

Miss S Brunt

P6 News and Update – Monday 17th May 2021

Hi all,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Class Photo – This year, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, there will be no official photographer visiting the school. Instead, there’ll be a P6 class photo taken by staff on Thursday.  Therefore, can all children please come dressed in school uniform on Thursday please.

P6 Elections – To coincide with the Scottish elections held on May 6th, P6 had their own election with candidates supported by party members, manifestos, political broadcasts and ballot papers. This was a super learning experience and the children excelled. I’ve put together a Google slideshow of photos  which can now be viewed in Google Classroom.

Debates – Children will be learning debating skills in class over the next few weeks. In the past, I have set this as a homework research task but due to time restrictions, we’ll complete the necessary work in school.

Art – Children are studying the art works of Van Gogh as P6s featured artist.

Science – Children have been enjoying weekly Science sessions with Mrs Cumming. Electricity is the ‘current’ topic!

PE  – Tuesday  – Children should come to school dressed for PE outdoors please.


Spelling– as normal

Numeracy Wed 19th May is National Numeracy Day ! A Sumdog homework challenge will be set on this day. In school, there will be a fun focus on numeracy and maths with some themed activities.

That’s all for now,

Miss Brunt