P3 week beginning 27/10/20

Primary 3
Please can all children bring a jumper or wear layers as it is a requirement that we keep windows open in the school, as advised, for ventilation. Some children have been saying they are cold as they don’t have jumpers. We do have a small selection of spare jumpers if people do forget but some children don’t like wearing other people’s things.
Can you please make sure your child has a coat, water bottle and snack every day.
Here is the reading and spelling homework for the week:
Stripes: Key Trouble
Tuesday – pages 1-11
Wednesday pages 12 -22
Thursday pages – pages 23 – 32

Zigs Zags: The Willow Pattern Plot
Tuesday – pages 1-11
Wednesday pages 12 -22
Thursday pages – pages 23 – 32

Spots: Jelly Fish Shoes
Tuesday – Chapter 1 & 2
Wednesday – Chapter 3
Thursday – Chapter 4 & 5

Polka Dots: Pass the Ball Grandad
Tuesday – Chapter 1 & 2
Wednesday – Chapter 3
Thursday – Task
Waves: Black Hat Bob
Sounds and words every day plus
Tuesday – page 4-9
Wednesday – page 10 -12
Thursday – page 13 -15

The children have been split into groups for spelling. Their spelling words are stapled into the blue homework jotter. These words need to be learnt and the children should look out for other words of the same spelling pattern when they are reading.
Please use the grid to help learn the spellings or use LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK.
Red Group: ‘ck’ sound at the end of words. The rule for this is that there is a vowel with a short sound immediately before the ‘ck’ and the word is short with one syllable.
Yellow Group: a_e, i_e, o_e and u_e (magic e)
Rule: The ‘e’ on the end makes the previous vowel say a long sound.
Green Group: Word lists in the homework jotter.
Please complete an activity from the grid in the back of the homework jotter.
PE on Wednesday as usual – please wear comfy clothes and bring warm / waterproof jackets as PE is not allowed to be done indoors.
Many thanks
Lisa Cumming and Kirsteen Ramsay

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