P1 Homework week beginning 28/10/19

Our Sounds: ‘l’ and ‘f’

Our Tricky words: ‘to’ and ‘do’

Reading books.

Chips: Kippers Balloon

Biffs: Spots

Kippers: The street fair

Floppys: The street fair




This Thursday is our Halloween disco! Doors will open at 18:15pm. Tickets are on sale in school for £2. They will also be available on the door. If you have any last minute donations for our Halloween tombola we would always appreciate your contributions.

This Thursday primary one will be receiving a visit from the police. We are still looking for any other volunteers to come and talk to our children about how to help keep us healthy or safe. Please see the below post.

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

P6 Homework: Week Beginning 28.10.19

P6 Homework: Week Beginning 28.10.19

Homework is due on Friday 1st November.

Reading – These details are in the pupils’ reading diaries with their copy of the book.

Spelling – The pupils will have the spellings they are to learn this week, copied into their homework jotters. The tasks this week are listed on the paper slip sent home with their jotters. These are as follows;

  • Write each spelling word 3 times.
  • Search for the meaning of any words you are unsure of and copy the meaning into your jotter.
  • Using your spelling words for this week, write a short story that includes these words in it

(use at least 6 words from your list of spelling words).

Numeracy – Each pupil has a division worksheet to attempt at home this week.


News/Events in school this week

  • This week the children will also be having some taster sessions of Hockey and American Football – these are being supplied by Active Schools. If your child wishes to attend the club please contact Active Schools.
  • P7’s are away to camp from Tuesday to Friday.
  • Halloween Fun Night – Thursday 31st October.

People Who Help Us Topic – p1 need your help

Primary One have started their second topic of the year. We are going to be learning about all of the people in our community who help keep us healthy and safe. We would absolutely love if any parents or family members who work in any of these roles could come in and talk to us about your job and the role you play in our lives.

We already have a visit from the local community police officers booked in for the 31st of October. If you or any of your family work as part of the emergency services, part of a dental practice or veterinary practice or any other role relevant to our topic we would love you to join us at a time suitable for you.

If you are interested could you send me an email at k.ramsay@mgfl.net and we can arrange a time to pop in.

Thanks in advance,

Miss Ramsay

Sleep Workshop

Hi all ,

Jane and Laura from our nursery have very kindly opened up a sleep workshop to p1 parents as well as their own nursery parents in early November .  The first workshop is on Friday the 1st of November from 11am-12.15pm and the second on Wednesday the 6th of November from 1:45pm- 3pm. Please note that should you wish to attend you only need to attend one workshop. If these dates don’t suit you don’t worry as our lovely nursery ladies will be running these workshops again next session.

I’m sure it’s going to be a very beneficial workshop for anyone who feels they need some support establishing a good sleep routine with their little one.

A letter has been sent home with regards to this (23/10/19) and if you wish to attend please fill in the tear off slip and return to the school office by the 31st of October.

Kind Regards,

Miss Ramsay

Primary One Homework – clarification.

Hi all,

I hope you and your families have had a wonderful October break and are rested and ready for another term at Loanhead!

One of the most common pieces of feedback that came up at parents evening was that there was some confusion regarding homework and what should be done and when. I apologise for any confusion but here is a list of everything you should have.


Every child has a reading book. Some may have words and some may not. This  depends on how quickly your child has picked up their sounds and tricky words.  Reading is done every day in school so it is essential that your child’s book bag is in school every day. Book bags are also where all letters and school correspondence is placed. If a book bag is not there you may miss some information. If you find your child has maybe missed a new book on a Monday due to having forgotten their book bag or something please let me know ASAP. I do keep a list but it does get difficult to keep track of 25 books amongst everything else and I want your children to be excited to get their new book each week.


Stage 1 Key words- Picture and early reader books.

Stage 2

Every child should have a set of key words that look like this. These were handed out last term. If you find that you don’t have a copy please contact me. Once your child has been able to confidently and independently identify a key word 3 times they can colour that word in on their sheet. This lets me know when they are ready to be assessed for the next reading stage. I am going to send home small flash cards of these words this week. Feel free to use these as you please. I will send them home in sandwich bags however these aren’t ideal and are easily damaged. If you have any small Tupperware containers such as these below can you please transfer the laminated cards over.

You may find you also get home a small list like the one below. These are the same words as the lists above but they just tell you what the focus key words of this weeks book are so you can focus on them at home. If you do not receive one of these every week don’t worry just continue to revise the words on the Key stage 2 sheet/flash cards.


This is in your child’s book bag as a way for us to communicate with regards to your child’s reading. For example if there is a key word I think should be the main focus at home this week that they have been struggling with in class I will leave a short note. Similarly, feel free to write any notes or questions you have in the journal. However, I do ask if it is something urgent or of great importance please catch me at drop off and pick up times or send me an email at k.ramsay@mgfl.net.


The extended stories and questions are sent home as a list of suggestions to help you to encourage a variety of reading skills at home. They may not be available for every book but where they are they are sent home.


A copy of this was given to most parents at parents evening. If you don’t have them let me know and I can get you a copy. Tricky words are words that can’t be sounded out and just has to be learnt as a whole word. They are used an incredible amount in reading and writing and if your child doesn’t learn them it can really impact upon their progress. We learn two new tricky words a week. We are currently working on the red list and we will be starting back this week on the word ‘be’. Similarly to sounds, these are taught one on a Monday and one on a Wednesday. These can be written on flash cards, used in pairs, snap or pong or written in sand, foam, play dough. The possibilities are endless. If you feel you are out of ideas look at Pinterest; it is a brilliant resource.


Each week in class we learn two new sounds. This week our focus is going to be on ‘o’ and ‘u’. Ideally one sheet should be completed on a Monday and one on a Wednesday as these are the days we learn our new sounds and these sheets will help to consolidate learning from in school. However that is not to say they MUST be done then, please make it work for your family life. Every child should have a booklet with the jolly phonics sounds order on the front and flashcards for each sound that you can cut up.



Our Sounds: ‘o’ and ‘u’

Our Tricky words: ‘be’ and ‘was’

Reading books.

Chips: The Water Fight

Biffs: Kipper’s Birthday


Kippers: The Swing Ball

Floppys: The Swing Ball



I know this is an incredibly long post but I really wanted to clarify for all who were a bit confused what each item is for as I know it is a lot. Please don’t feel that you have to do everything every night. Maybe on a night with a phonics sheet forgo a reading book and hunt for key words in a story your child has selected or play a game with key/tricky words. Input at home is so crucial and all of your help at home is appreciated and makes a world of difference to your little ones learning.

Book bags are collected in on a Friday and must stay in school so I can look through homework jotters and change over books.

Thank you to everyone who came along to parents evening it was lovely to share our learning with you and everyone will receive their written strengths, areas for development and targets by the end of this week.

Looking forward to seeing your little ones  back and ready to learn on Wednesday!

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

P5 Homework 7/10/19

Homework for P5 is as usual:

Spelling: Please see their spelling jotters.

Reading: Please see the blue reading diary.

Continue with Times Tables.

Other Information:

Christmas Card designs have been sent home for you to view and decide if you would like to purchase them. Please return the completed design and payment by Friday if you wish to buy it.

Harvest Assembly: P 1/2 are organising the harvest assembly again this year. Please send in any donations for the assembly by Friday. NO FRESH GOODS but any tins, packets, toiletries etc will greatly appreciated.

P5 will be taking part in a Science Workshop on Wednesday called Shiny Science, this is part of the Midlothian Science Festival.

Learning Trio appointments are on Thursday after school, please remember that children must be at the meeting too.

School finishes at the usual time on Friday when we break for half-tern. Children return on Wednesday 23rd December.

Wishing you all a restful break.

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton



P7 Info W/B Monday 7th October 2019

Hi all,

Info for this week:


  • Golf (for a group )

Tuesday PE


  • Lunchtime Drawing Club

Thursday –     Rugby

  • Parent/Pupil/Teacher Learning trios – child must attend.

Friday – School finishes at 12:25 pm for the October break. Pupils resume Wednesday 23rd October.

Independent Study Task – This week, the maths focus is on volume of liquids. There will be a double sided sheet sent home on Monday to be returned by this Friday please (11th).

Numeracy – We are forming ‘Times Teams’ in class – a buddy system to really focus on learning our times tables efficiently. This really is a priority as poor recall of times tables impacts on so many other areas of numeracy.

World War 2 Topic – On Friday 8th November, P7 will host the Remembrance Assembly. We will start rehearsals for it this week as we have the holiday and school camp coming up between now and then! If anyone has a family member who remembers  WW2 as a child and would like to share their stories with us, that would be incredible.  It would be fabulous to have 4-5 pupils read out family memories at the service, especially with it being 80 years since the start of the war.

Harvest donations – P1 and P2 are still looking for  larder items for their charity collection. Please send these in by Thursday if you can , thank you.

Card designs – The annual card design activity is upon us. Children will design a card at school and bring it home for you to view and order a set of cards if you wish. This is a great fundraiser for our school.

School Camp – I have no new information at this moment, regarding dorms etc but will let folks know as soon as I do. There are just over 3 weeks until we go to school camp so remember to prepare what is required from the camp kit list.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt




P6 – Times Tables Practice


As part of our progress in Numeracy this year, I thought it was important to remind parents that any extra practice on times tables carried out at home can make a massive difference when it comes to helping pupils with multiplication and division calculations.

I encourage and recommend that pupils are practicing times tables at home for 10 minutes in the evening time.  For that reason I have provided website suggestions below to help with this. Pupils are already familiar with these websites, so they know how to access the games.

I appreciate your support!

  • Sumdog – Pupils should know their log in. If not then ask Mr. Nelson.
  • Top Marks website – This has a range of mini games that offer an alternative to sumdog. https://www.topmarks.co.uk


Mr. Nelson