P1 Week Beginning 16.1.23


Reading: Children will bring their book in their book bag and the pages to be read will be written in their green reading record. Please sign this to evidence reading has been completed. Some children will come home with a little slip of green words, these words should be learned to support their progress in reading.

Sounds: We are learning ch, sh and th this week. Please ensure your child completes these worksheets as it so important for them to practise their letter formation when writing new sounds.

Burns poetry: The children will perform their chosen poetry to the class on Tuesday 24th January. Please encourage your child to learn their poem with lots of enthusiasm! Those who recite their poem in class will be considered to be in the poetry assembly – there is only one child per class!

Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school EVERYDAY, as we will be doing reading everyday. They will be kept in school on a Friday, in order to have new homework ready for the following Monday.

P.E will be on Wednesday with Miss Simpson and Thursday with Mrs Lynch. 

We are moving onto subtraction with 10 and 20 this week. We are looking at using concrete materials to help us (Numicon, cubes etc.), before moving on to using number lines.

Please never hesitate to get in contact, if you need anything.

Miss Lauren Waller


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