P3 Homework – 29.3.33

Hi everyone,

Homework –

Homework will go out on a Tuesday and be returned the following Monday. This is to accommodate families who have parents working long hours and children with extracurricular activities. If you wish to still hand in Friday that isn’t a problem.


Spelling words have been glued into the children’s jotters. Please remember to practise the words AND write the sentences unless this has been discussed with me previously. Remember the third column is optional.

Spelling focus for each group:

Ravenclaw – long o –  oa and o-e and ow revision.

As Ravenclaw are the only group with spelling words I have agreed a trade off that work can be done on chrome books and either sent to me electronically or printed and stuck into books. If your child still wishes to handwrite that is ok too.

Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff  are all in a check up week therefore have no spelling words. If you wish to do some additional work please revise any spelling patterns previously taught.  There is no formal homework set.


Dragons : The Night of the Ticklers

Tuesday– Chpt 2 – 3

Wednesday – Chpt 4-5

Thursday- Chpt 6 – 7

Fri/Weekend  Chpt – 8, 9, 10


Nessies: Okay, Spanner, You Win!

Tuesday– Chpt 1

Wednesday – Chpt 2

Thursday- Chpt 3

Fri/Weekend  chpt 4-5


Unicorns – Robbie Woods and his Merry Men

Tuesday –  Chpt 1 + 2

Wednesday –  Chpt 3 + 4

Thursday- Chpt 5

Friday/Weekend –  Chpt 6


Kelpies – Boss Dog of Blossom Street (Some books may be marked as level 9. This is due to changes within the ORT scheme. The book is still level 10)

Tuesday– Chpt 1

Wednesday- Chpt 2

Thursday- Chpt 3

Fri/Weekend – Author’s Note and research which other books she has written


Selkies – Survival Adventure (New Stage)

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End


Mermaids – Egyptian Adventure

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay


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