P3 Homework w/b: 21.9.21

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I would just like to say a huge thank you for the gifts I received on my birthday last week from you and your children. It was completely unexpected and unnecessary but massively appreciated all the same. Your children also went out of their way to plan me a surprise party which just made my heart swell. What kind little souls you have brought them up to be.

Back to business however, homework has been issued. Spelling words have been stuck into jotters and reading books handed out. These must both be handed in on Friday first thing in the morning

. The homework change over each week is wasting a lot of class learning time due to children not handing in books on the deadline so we end up chasing up every individual child. We had a big chat in class today about how their homework is their responsibility to do and organise so if you could reinforce this at home it would be appreciated.


  • We are losing lots of jumpers in class. I have made a box of any unlabelled lost property which will be placed outside each day if it is not claimed in class. Please make sure to write your child’s initials or name and class on their labels as this ensures things can be returned to their rightful owners.
  • At the moment we are missing a black zip up and a Loanhead green jacket belonging to a child in the class. If you could double check this has not made its way home to you by mistake that you be helpful.
  • Please note the change in my e-mail address should  you wish to contact me, it is now:



Robbie Hood and his Merry Men

Tuesday -Chapter One and Two

Wednesday- Chapter Three and Four

Thursday– Chapter Five and Six

Extension- Discussion

Read page 9. Why are there no speech marks around what Miss Goody is saying?

Go to pages 30–31. Ask the children to explain why the words are written differently on this page.
Why are the first sentences written in a spiral?

ICT – Suggest the children find out who Robin Hood on the internet. Ensure that they only have access to
child-friendly sites. And write down 3 facts you find.


The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save The Day

Tuesday -Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Extension- Discussion

Remind the children to look for familiar spelling patterns to help them work out words. Find ‘sight’
on the last line of page 7. Ask a child to read the word, then turn to page 9. Ask another child to
find the same ‘igh’ string in ‘fighting’ on line 3
• Remind the children to break words into syllables to help them read it, e.g. find the word ‘notice’
on page 6 line 5, and ask a child to break it into syllables.
•Find ‘dirtier’ on page 7 and ask another child to break it down into syllables.

Can you look through the text and find the verbs used instead of ‘said’ to describe speech.

Imagine what King Harry, Captain Jones and Captain Smith said to each
other before they returned as the Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om.



Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The Treasure Chest

Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32



Mum to the Rescue

Tuesday- p1 – 8

Wednesday- p8-16

Thursday- p17 – 24


Spelling is as it was last week using the attached spelling menu.

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay

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