P6 Info w/b 14th June 2021

Hi all,

The final two weeks of term are upon us but there’s  still so much to do!

Parents Consultations – You should have received an 10 minute appointment time for Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

BRAKE Walk – BRAKE is a road safety charity and on Wednesday 16th , each class will walk approximately half a mile to promote road safety awareness. The route will take us out of the school premises.

Sports Day – Well done P6 Dryden for winning this year’s P6 sports. Photos of the day can be found on the Loanhead PS Twitter feed.

Poetry Competition – Class winners and overall winners of this year’s poetry competition will be announced at Friday’s assembly.

‘Kids Teach’ – Children have been excitedly planning  lessons to teach to their peers over the final two weeks. We have been able to use Chromebooks to plan this too, which the pupils have loved.

Picnic Lunch– I haven’t chosen a specific day for our picnic lunch -we’ll be spontaneous on the day depending on weather and staff.

Euro 2021 – Children will be split into small teams, given a country to represent and then play in a fun football tournament this week.

PE – Tuesday

That’s all for now,

Miss S Brunt

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