Chinese New Year continued

As Chinese New Year festivities go on for up to 15 days we thought we would share some more activities and ideas you could try at home.

Did you know exploring different traditions helps your child develop acceptance and cultural awareness?
Why not watch this clip to learn more about Chinese New Year? Before watching maybe ask your child what they already know about Chinese New Year? After watching find out what they have learnt about the celebration.

Chinese New Year cuisine is as varied, colourful and as exciting as everything else to do with the celebration.  If we were at nursery, we would take the opportunity for children to try different foods from China and expand their taste buds. There is lots of well-known examples available in the local supermarket that you can try. You could try lots of pick ‘n’ mix bowls with common Chinese food at home. Spring rolls, prawn crackers, rice, noodles, dumplings, sweet and sour chicken or tofu, as well as many other common dishes. Or you could opt for a healthy snack, an orange which symbolise wealth, apples are for peace and tangerines are for good fortune.

Our chart we shared yesterday displayed the Chinese alphabet. We hope you had fun finding letters from your name.

Today we are sharing a chart displaying Chinese numerals. Can you find your age? Or the number written on your front door?

Have fun discovering the Chinese numbers.

Chinese numbers 1-10


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