P1 News and Information 25th August

Dear Parents/Carers,

We had a busy week last week and the class are settling into the routine of primary 1.  Mrs Black is not with us this week so we have some lovely nursery ladies in to help each day which will be lovely for us.

We are looking at The Zones of Regulation and emotions this week with a look at “The colour monster” book to help children understand their emotions and come up with strategies to get them back to “green-calm and ready to learn.”

I have not sent reading books home yet because I have been thinking of the safest way to have homework coming back and forward from school to home etc.  Other classes use Google Classroom but I do not feel this is suitable for us just now – I will send information home about Seesaw this week – it is an app like learning journals where we can share learning and information, I would like us to use this in P1 as an extension of our classroom as I know it is hard with you being unable to come inside etc.

This week, choose a book your child loves and talk about being ready to read – how to hold books, gently turn pages, use a finger to follow words right to left etc.  Ask the child to recognise some letter sounds that we have done and talk about reading pictures 🙂

Our sounds this week are “t” (Monday) and “i” (Wednesday) and next week we will be working on “p” and “n”. Pupils have a jolly phonics workbook they can work on at home.  In the current climate can this be kept at home and worked on weekly and returned when guidance allows us or when complete?  It is important to work at the same pace as school – Usually 2 sounds a week (pupils learn to write and recognise the sound, say the song with action, colour the picture and either practise writing the sound or words with the sound in it around the picture – in pencil if possible).

In numeracy we are looking at writing letters 1-5 and recognising numbers in “dots” – like dominoes, up to 10.  This could be a fun game to play at home or make your own poster.

My email address, for any communication, is k.hinton@mgfl.net

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