Play on Pedals

Hi everyone,

Hope we are all well and enjoying the sunshine we have been having recently.

As you may know when we were last at nursery the children were really enjoying having access to some pedal and balance bikes we had on loan. This was part of the “Play on Pedals” programme run by Cycling Scotland. We have noticed due to the current situation a lot of children have been out on their bikes even more and learning to pedal without stabilisers which is great.

Cycling Scotland have a Youtube channel where there are videos which have elements of the Play on Pedals programme. These videos have different games you can play on your bikes which can help children with steering, balance, control and much more. Here is a link to their Youtube page

They have also released a Bike Scavenger Hunt you can do while out on your bike. There are items on this hunt that you can look out for while cycling and if you see any you can ring the bell on your bike if you have one. Here is a copy of the scavenger hunt:

We hope you enjoy these tips for Cycling and please remember if you are out on your bike to wear a helmet and stay safe! Please send us any photos of your children out and about on their bikes or doing any of the activities above.

Stay safe everyone.

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