Independence Skills

Hi everyone, hope we are all doing okay as we enter our second week of this very strange new normal. We are missing you all very much! This week we thought we could focus on developing your little one’s independence skills. In our normal day to day life it is so hard to focus on these skills as we are rushing around to get to nursery, school and work. Now life has taken on a bit of a slower pace, for some, its the perfect time to encourage them to dress themselves, put on their own socks and shoes and their coats. Here are some tips we use within nursery to encourage independence:

  • Coats: Hood on and arms in!
  • For underwear its easier if it was a picture on as then the rule can be picture to the front.
  • Sitting down is the easiest way – sit down till you can see your feet and then up to pull them up.
  • For shoes you can make a simple foot mat – draw around their shoes onto a piece of A4 paper, once they have put on their shoes get them to stand on the mat and if they match they are on the right feet!

Here’s a song you can play them to help encourage the process –

Some of these tips are super simple but sometimes simple is best! We would love to see pictures or videos of your little ones putting on their own coats and shoes!

Remember to drop us an email if you need anything at all. Stay safe everyone x

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