P5 Week 06/01/2020

Happy New Year to all and we hope that you all had an enjoyable time over the holiday. Thank you for all the lovely gifts we received, they were very much appreciated.

This week…It is Scottish Week! We will be learning about different aspects of Scotland and Scottish life / history / culture. All children will be given a poem this week to learn and recite with expression for the competition towards the end of January.


Reading -(Daily) See reading diaries as usual.

Spelling (For Friday) – See purple spelling jotter. All children must write either sentences or a paragraph containing their spelling words. Red and Blue group should also find five new words and their meanings, these words must be of the same spelling pattern and sound.

Scottish week – Please research an aspect that Scotland is famous for and produce at least 3 facts to share in class on Friday.

PE remains on Tuesday and Thursday – please ensure your child has a full PE kit to change into (Shorts/leggings, T-shirt and socks(for girls if they wear tights).

Please could you make sure your child has indoor shoes – this helps to keep our school clean especially as children sit on the carpet.

Thank you,

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton


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