P3 Homework 27.5.19

As this week is help week children are allowed to come to school in sports clothing however please no football shirts, thank you.


This weeks spelling sound is  ‘-ture’ as in ‘future and adventure’. Please encourage children to practise these at home.

Every child has been sent home with some cursive writing practise and revision of silent sounds. Children should complete each word 3 times in cursive handwriting. Please then get your child to turn over and write 3 sentences on the back using 3 of the words off of the sheet. This should also be in cursive. If you’re child is still working through the common words booklet, as I know some are, please continue to do so.


Hedgehogs – Anne Fine: Nag Club

Tuesday – How it began and Lesson One

Wednesday –Lesson 2

Thursday –Lesson 3

Friday – Lesson 4 and 5

Pandas – Here comes trouble

Tuesday –Chapter 1 and 2

Wednesday –Chapter 3

Thursday- Chapter 4

Friday – Chapter 5

Orangutans – Dexter’s Dinosaurs

Tuesday –Chapter 1

Wednesday –Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Friday – Chapter 4

Tigers – The Quest

Tuesday –p1-8

Wednesday –p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24-32

Polar Bears – Submarine Adventure

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p17-24

Friday – p25-32

Miss Ramsay and Miss Dickson

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