P6 Home Learning & News W/B 25th February

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus loose and lose.

Writing500 words. The annual Radio 2 writing competition is upon us and closes on the 8th March so there’s not much time for us budding authors to get our stories written. I’d like this to be a flexible home/school task whereby children will get ample time in school to work on this and can  save their text onto USB sticks or I can email stories back and forth so that these can be worked on at home too.

Reading – Everyone will read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day in class.

Debates – We are going to have a 6 week block, developing debating skills. There will be 3 lots of 2 week topic blocks. In each topic block, the first week will involve some preparation work at home followed by the second week when the debate will take place. More information will follow on Tuesday.

Ski-ing –  Wednesday. Children should bring their ski-ing gear with them to change into at school before we leave on the bus (after break). Please note that children should bring a packed lunch as we return to school after the dining room has closed. Children have progressed quickly and are now enjoying being able to use the tow lift to go higher up the slope each week.

Peer Mediation – P6 are all set to go this week. Two people will be chosen each day to be Peer Mediators in the playground at lunch times for P1 –P6. The mediators have their script ready and have enjoyed practising through role play.

PETuesday  and Thursday

Finally, last week was Science Week. We had a workshop from Generation Science where we had to test which substances had the most fizzy and colourful reactions. We also learned a bit about the pH scale. Later on in the week, we did some experiments with water/oil and milk/ food colouring and washing up liquid. The children gave a lot of positive feedback about all their activities.


Thank you,

Sara Brunt







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