P3 Homework w/b 18/2/2019

Hi all,

This week in school is science week! It was kicked off today by the fabulous company Generation Science who took the kids for a brilliant workshop all about forces. The kids enjoyed this immensely.

Our science focus for the rest of the week will be centered around the body. In particular the skeleton!

As usual homework will go out on Tuesday and be returned the following Monday.



This weeks spelling pattern is controlled vowels.  We are focusing on ‘er’ , ‘ir’ and ‘ur’ as in fern, girl, burn. When a vowel comes before an ‘r’ the vowel sound is changed. ‘er‘ makes the /r/ sound, and so do ‘ir‘ and ‘ur‘. When the /r/ sound is at the end of a 2 or more syllable word, the sound is usually spelled with the ‘er‘, but there is no rule of when to use ‘ir‘ and ‘ur‘. The corresponding spelling list for this is spelling list 19 which is only titled ‘er’.

Copy the spelling words in one of the ways suggested on the spelling menu and write 3 sentences.


No maths homework this week.



As we begin to round off our Scottish Inventors topic I would like the children to do a short 2 minute talk about a Scottish inventor after having conducted their own research at home. Children can if they wish use a powerpoint and notes. They may also discuss one of the inventors they have learned in school but are encouraged to research their own inventor at home.

I appreciate this takes some preparation time so children will also be given their IT time in class to research this. The speeches will be heard in small groups and will take place on Thursday the 28th  of February and on Friday the 1st of March.


As it is science week we will have another non fiction week! This will comprise of reading and research activities.

Hedgehogs –

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday –  p13-24

Thursday – Research a favourite dinosaur.

Friday- Create a poster for your researched dinosaur and become a dinosaur hunter!

Pandas – Your Body, Inside Out

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday – p13-24

Thursday – Pick a favourite section and research that area of the body further.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched body part/system

Orangutans – 

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday – p13-24

Thursday- Research facts about one other planet in the solar system.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched planet.

Tigers – Zoom Out

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday- Research facts about one other planet in the solar system.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched planet.

Polar Bears – Grans Birthday and Animal Life Cycles (Polar Bears will receive two books this week. Check book bags for a note.)

Child Reading : Gran’s Birthday

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday- Share Animal Life Cyles p1-12 with parent/sibling

Friday – Share Animal Life Cycles p13-p24 with parent/sibling


PE Days – Tuesday and Wednesday

Miss Ramsay

ps- Just a quick reminder that toys should not be brought to school unless it is a Friday Golden toy. Thanks 🙂

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