P3 Update and Homework w/c 5.11.18

Hi all,

Homework Schedule

Up until now we have been operating on homework being distributed on Tuesday and being due on the Friday however quite a few of the kids have been concerned that they didn’t have enough time to get everything done due to out of school commitments. Therefore Spelling homework will now be handed out on Tuesday and be due in the following Monday so everyone has equal opportunity to do it.

This week our sound is soft g as in giant, magic and gym and understanding that just as soft c’s ”best friends” ( letters that must follow to soften then sound are i, e and y so too are soft g’s. We are also working on proper nouns. Whilst there are no specific homework dedicated to this I would encourage you to challenge the children to find them in stories or in the environment around them.


Just so you are aware p7 will be selling poppies throughout the week should your child want to purchase one with the suggested donation being £1. Also our Remembrance service lead by p7 is this Friday at 10:55am.

NSPCA Online safety for parents/carers

We are lucky enough this week to have people in school from th NSPCA running a course on online safety for parents and carers in the community rooms on Friday the 9th of November at 9:30-10:30.  You are all welcome to come along if you are free to join.

November Newsletter

A copy of this has gone home today with children however I do appear to have a large amount left over. This is a handy thing to have as it has all the dates for your diary so if you do find you need a copy of this just let me know and I will pass it along. Also you will find that Christmas Fair Friday is down for Friday the 30th of December. This is a misprint as we will all be off enjoying our winter holidays by then! The date of the fair is in fact November 30th. 



Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Whilst I appreciate this does seem like a large amount of reading the chapters in this book are very short.

Chapters 1 and 2 for Wednesday

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 for Thursday

Chapters 6 and 7 for Friday

Polar Bears

Underground Adventure

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


The Outing

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


Jungle Shorts

Chapter 1 for Wednesday

Chapter 2 for Thursday

Chapter 3 for Friday


What was it like? 

A particularly apt book for this time of year given it discusses war and its impact on children on the home front during WWII. This may be something you wish to discuss with your child when reading as we are in the lead up to our Remembrance assembly.

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-22 for Thursday

p23-32 for Friday


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