P1 Homework 19/03/18

Reading: Please see the red card as usual and continue with words in the word tin.

Phonics: We will be learning ‘sc’, ‘sk’ and ‘sn’ this week.

Spelling: Please see the green jotter for the words for this week. These words are really helpful for their writing and reading.

As we have been learning about ‘Toys’ this term particularly toys from the past. I am asking the children to speak to parents/ Grandparents /Aunties and Uncles etc about the toys and games that they used to play when they were young. I will send home a sheet this week for them to gather some information, they will need some help from you to complete this.

If any of you have any toys that were yours when you were a child if you are happy for us to see them please could you send them in (we will be very careful with them).

The children seem to be really enjoying their gymnastics sessions – I think next week is their last session.

Many thanks

Lisa Cumming


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