P3 Homework from 13th March

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 13th March

After lots of work on polar bears we are moving onto penguins this week. We are also going to learn about the explorers who first travelled to the north and south poles.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



We are still working on halves and quarters. The children are getting used to identifying these fractions of shapes. The game Fraction Flags would be good practice. Please mix up the choice of halves, quarters, three quarters etc.



We are generally struggling more with finding fractions of numbers. To work on this, have a go at home at working out:

½ of 14                                    ½ of 22                                    ½ of 30

¼ of 12                                    ¼ of 24                                    ¼ of 40

½ of 32                                    ¾ of 12                                    ¾ of 24


In the next two weeks we are also revising things we have looked at over the year. Any chances to talk about time what time it is (12 hour clock, analogue and digital) would be helpful.


Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.



More words that people have been finding tricky. Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?

Thursday                                 other

broke                                       ocean

gave                                        boat

            seat                                         whale

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