mi:SPACE – An inspiring learning spaces project in P7

Primary 7 are working on a project called mi:SPACE – A project which aims to encourage pupils and educators to “think outside the box” – (e.g. the classroom box!) and try to replace learning spaces that feature a fireplace view, white walls, harsh lighting etc with a modern, zoned learning areas.  This project is for Education Scotland and will be of interest around the world – Midlothian council have funding to allow pupils this opportunity and Loanhead are among 20 other schools in Midlothian taking part.

Since August P7 have researched many aspects of learning environments such as:

  • Optimum colours for learning (wall colours, screen colours and even paper or jotter colours)
  • Sounds that help us to learn best
  • Types of learner that we have in P7
  • Ventilation and temperature control, regulations and effects on learning—Classrooms around the world that work much better and suit a modern curriculum
  • Zones for learning
  • Positions for learning – do we really need boring, hard, plastic chairs and one height tables? We have chosen to have standing areas, seated areas, floor areas…..
  • Shoeless learning – ask us why it works!
  • Visited modern work places and asked advice and ideas from workers about their environments.

We have produced mood boards, videos, poems, raps, pie charts, line graphs, presentations, scale models, a giant floor book, a green screen and so much more and we have not even completed the project.

We had to work within a set budget to plan out a new learning zone – furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings, technology etc and pitch this to Midlothian Council – now we have to sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

We will invite you in to look at our new learning space when it is complete but we want to share some of the work with you below – enjoy!

Watch one f the groups short documentary herehttps://vimeo.com/201027130

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