P2 Homework and Events W/B 23.1.17

Events this week:

Poetry Recital and Lower Atrium Scots Afternoon– To celebrate Burns Day on the 25th, all pupils have chosen a Scottish poem to read and recite. Children will be invited to recite/read their chosen poem to the class on Monday (23rd). Two children will then be chosen to recite/read their poem to the whole school on Wednesday morning, along with two children from each class.

In the afternoon of Wednesday (25th) our Lower Atrium (P1-4) will have a Scots afternoon, involving dancing, singing and of course, some snacks!  If your child has anything ‘Scottish’ to wear to this event, they are welcome to wear it. We realise this is short notice so we don’t want anyone going to any trouble to source anything for this – it’s not a prerequisite and we hope the children will simply enjoy the experience of an informal wee ceilidh.

Spelling – There is a new spelling list for the next 6 weeks coming home on Monday (though some children have other specified spelling home). So, it’s List 19 ‘ay’. Children can be reminded that this is a ‘long a’ sound; one of the long vowel sounds alongside ai and a-e. I will also send home a sheet with squared grids on so that children can practise their spelling using Criss Cross or make a Wordsearch for someone at home to solve! Children have tried this in class so should be familiar with this. It’s just another way to try to learn spellings. See examples below using ‘wh’ words.

Reading – will continue as normal.

Maths – Sumdog Challenge‘P2 Days, Months, Clocks’ continues our theme on time. 75 coins to collect – give it a go P2!

TopicElectricity continues. Last week, children were given the challenge of creating simple circuits and had actual ‘lightbulb’ moments!! I’m going to create a separate post about this next week with pictures, to show the process of discovery children experienced when asked to solve problems! Safe to say they loved this!

Miss Brunt




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