🍂 P1 News and info 4.9.23 🐝

This week in Primary 1 we will be continuing our learning about The Lighthouse keepers lunch and Zones of Regulation. 😊

Polite reminders:

  • Water only in water bottles (no juice), we are a health promoting school 💧
  • Children need to come to school in outdoor shoes and have shoes with them for gym which they change into.  They usually leave a pair in school. 👟
  • There are many back to school bugs going round, If you are able to pick up a box off tissues for our classroom tissue bank then we would be so grateful – we go through lots! 🤧
  • Junk modelling – we are looking for some recycling to use for junk modelling.  Please ensure these are clean and dry. 🎁

✏ In Literacy we will finish set 1 sounds by learning “p” and “n”.  Once the children learn these sounds we can begin to try blending CVC words from our sounds (s,a,t,i,p,n = sit, nip, sat, tap, pit and so many more) You will receive some of these sounds on cards to cut out and build words with at home.  Magnetic words or bathtime alphabets etc are all fun ways to support at home.

Click this link to practise some phonics songs and actions

Please continue to home learning booklet – 2 pages each week.  trace the sound and write on your own to the end and then colour the picture.  Fabulous work last week!

Key words – you have been given key words on red card.  These should be cut out and popped in a box to be used both in school and home.  These are stage 1 key words (mum, dad, a, the, Biff,  Chip, Kipper, and, Floppy) and must be known at sight before the children can move from wordless books.  Mrs Beattie and Miss Waller will be looking at key words knowledge this week with groups.

📗 Continue to read each day with your child, this is so so important.

🔢 In Numeracy and Maths we are continuing our counting to 20 and linking numeral to number, numbers before and after and in between as well as counting backwards.  We will also be looking at shape naming and shapes in the world around us.

What a fun filled week of learning!

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