✏️P1 News and Info 28.8.23🧩

⭐️ What an amazing first week our Primary 1 learners have had.

🤾 PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Children should keep gym shoes and a PE kit in school. Please note that trainers are recommended for indoor/gym shoes as plimsolls are not as sturdy for P.E.

💧Please note children should bring a water bottle and snack every day. Children should only have water in their bottles, not juice, thank you.

🏫  Learning 

📝 Phonics: Last week we introduced two letters; s and a and this wee we will learn t and i. We use Jolly Phonics songs to learn a story and action for each letter sound. See if you can do the sound and action at home. Soon we will know S, A, T, P, I and N. With these 6 letters we can spell lots of words!

🔟  Numeracy:

  • We are learning to count out amounts and order/sequence numbers to 10. It is really important that your child can recognise numerals to 10 and count forwards/backwards from any given number (e.g. start at 3, stop at 9).
  • We are learning to match amounts to numerals (e.g. ****=4) and write them

Some online games that can help at home with this are:




⚓️ Topic: We are going to start our topic ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.

📗 Home Learning 

Phonics:  Please complete the ‘t’ and ‘i’ worksheet this week and return the booklet to school on Friday. Support your child to form their letters correctly all the way along the lines and colour the matching picture neatly. If they want to keep practising they can try to write words and the letter around the picture.

What fabulous work last week:


Click here for letter formation rhymes.

📚 Reading: Last week, the children were introduced to the ORT characters (Kipper, Biff etc.) and this week they will bring home wordless books and key words.

  • The wordless books come with a separate sheet which is used by the adult to read the story and prompt discussions.  this should be done each night and hopefully the children will talk more and more about the pictures on each page when they read them later in the week after the previous discussions.
  • Key words – please cut these out and use as flash cards for children to learn

Children should bring in a small tub, to be kept in their book bag, for their key words. These words need to be learned and the children need to be able to read them all before they can move onto books with words.

Please note, wordless books are so important for developing key reading skills and they promote amazing discussions.

📗  Book bags are available from the school office. Book bags, diaries and reading books should be brought to school every day.

🧩 P1 Curriculum Evening on Wednesday 30th August 5pm – 6pm. Please enter through the school office if you would like to attend.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

🖋 Mrs Beattie and Miss Waller 🍎

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