Show and Tell Primary 2

These will take place in class on 31st May and 1st of June

Your topic of discussion is “my favourite place” – This can be a place nearby that you go to with friends or family, a holiday destination, a relative’s house, a sports venue etc.  But it must be something that you can talk about, in detail.

You can bring a photo with you or email one to me (k.hinton@midlothian.education) so I can pop it on the SMARTboard as you talk.

What I am looking for: Looking at the audience, speaking clearly in full sentences for at least 1 minute. Answering 2 questions.  It is important that parents do not write it down for their child to read as this prevents the natural flow of presenting.

Examples of what you might tell me: Where it is, what makes it your favourite place, when you go or went, how you feel when you are there and why, is there something unique about the place, is there a smell or taste that reminds you of that place when you are not there….

I cannot wait to hear all about your favourite places P2

Mrs Hinton

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