☃️ P5 Info – 14.12.20


There will be no homework until after the Christmas holidays.

Please find below the information for this week.


We will be filming our Xmas song, so children can come dressed in Christmas jumpers/t-shirts and they can wear Christmas headgear/Santa hats too.

We will also be finishing the Panto ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ which we started this afternoon (Monday).


The class will have P.E with Mrs Duncan, please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately for P.E outside.


P5 will be having their Christmas fun afternoon with a Christmas movie, fun outside and some snacks. Thank you to those who have brought in £2 towards costs/charitable donation.


There will be no ZOOM Assembly, instead we will have an end of term one on Tuesday 22nd December.

** This week we will be making a few different Christmas crafts that children will be able to bring home once completed. We are looking at making sock snowmen and for this children will need two socks! If possible could your child please bring in two socks (preferably one white and one patterned/colour.) Adult socks work best for this so if you have any old/odd socks lying around (without holes!) then we would love to put them to use. *

Monday 30th November 2020 – Thursday 17th December: school Christmas post box

Tuesday 22nd December 2020 – Tuesday 5th January 2021: Christmas Holiday

Wednesday 6th January 2021: Pupils return

Thank you so much for all your support this term,

Miss Lauren Waller


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