P7 Homework 19/2/18

All pupils have to finish their reading novels to the end for next Mon.

Pupils have a decimals worksheet for maths (due on Fri), we have been working on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

I have set a personal challenge of no screens after 8pm- this is not compulsory but a good talking point given that the class have screen obsessions.

We have been learning to tell the time in French – pupils would benefit from revising this.

For the parents organising the day out. We chatted about it and pupils voted on their top 3. See below.

Screen Time and Concentration – P7

Recently, they hot topic in class has been a game called “Fortnight” or similar.  Pupils are admitting that they are trying to pull “all nighters” without their parents knowing, some even claim to get up at 5.30 to play each other on line and many are spending fortunes on parent bank cards without permission.

I have had a few parents speak to me about their concerns relating to this obsession but also the language that pupils are using to converse with each other over phones/headsets while playing.  Some pupils are coming to school red eyed, tired and really distracted and when spoken to they are blaming too much screen time but are reluctant to stop.  Mrs Donnelly has advised that ALL parents be made aware of this.

While we do not wish to tell you how your child should spend their free time, we would like you to support is in promoting healthy lifestyles and good sleep hygiene which is not promoted by too much screen time.   If pupils are overstimulated and tired, it has been proven that this has severe effects on learning and concentration.

Most difficulties that arise in school come from social media or gaming and we ask for your support in this matter. We conducted a survey in P7 about screen time….there are some surprising results e.g. 52% of pupils s[end 5+ hours on a screen (Not inc T.V.) each day! (click the link below)

When speaking to specialists, some recommendations are:

  • Turn off the Wifi at a set time each night (be strong!)
  • No screens in bed rooms
  • Appropriate down time at least 2 hours before sleep
  • Passwords for all consoles, phones, tablets should be shared with you.

For more information please see below for some guidance:



P7 Info 29.1.18

Pupils will be reciting their Burns Poetry on Tues – I cannot wait to hear them, they have been working so hard on these!

Their Scots Person from the Enlightenment project/presentation is for Feb 9th but I am aware many are complete so we may see some sooner.

This week in Maths and Numeracy we are working on revision of division with the written method e.g. 4/2576 and we are consolidating Measure (Length, area, volume and Weight)

Homework is for Monday 5th Feb and Pupils have a green maths homework jotter and a pink literacy homework jotter.

Literacy homework – re write the passage correctly using a dictionary to correct the spelling – correctly spelled words may be written in colour or underlined.  Please encourage quality presentation for homework.



Pupils should bring full PE kits Tues/Thurs inc indoor shoes.  ALL JEWELLERY MUST BE REMOVED OR TAPED UP as per High School policy.

Parents Evening


This term our parents evening will be a drop in session.  Come along with your child and let them show you around their classroom and share their learning with you.  The class teacher will be in attendance for you to ask questions or chat to about next steps.

If there are any issues that you wish to discuss in a less public setting please make an appointment with the teacher outwith this event.

P7 News and Homework 22/1/18

Primary 7 all have reading homework this week as well as the expectation for ALL to learn their Burns poem.  Pupils have been making some personal targets in Maths and writing so that they can make small steps to progress. They have their test this week on Fractions, decimals and percentages and should continue to revise this as well as all their times tables/division stories.  We are working on Algebra and negative numbers this week.

P7 Maths Homework

We have revised our class charter and have the 3 rules to be SAFE, READY and RESPECTFUL.  Ask pupils what these mean.  Our main focus this week is to be ready – not late, have proper resources, ready to listen and learn.

As the final part of Scottish month we will look at The Enlightenment period and pupils will have a famous Scot to research and present on – this will go towards Listening and Talking assessment.  They will be given time to start this research at school and are lucky to have access to a well resourced local library after school if need be.

The Scottish Enlightenment home learning

15.1.18 Primary 7

This week in P7 we are having an intensive revision week where we will be doing a lot of mental maths to consolidate square numbers, division, times tables, problem solving etc.  Mrs Caldwell has delayed her test until next Monday so pupils have an extra week to revise the fractions, decimals and Percentages tables they have been working on.  They will be expected to know the fraction, decimal and related percentages (e.g. 50%, 0.5, 1/2)

Pupils all have reading homework but there is no other homework because I have given out a choice of Burns poems for them to choose one to recite on 30/1/18.  I gave them 16 minutes to learn 1 verse and most were successful – this means they have ample time to learn the whole poem if they use time wisely. (Ae fond kiss, Address to the Deil or Adddress to the toothache – some have challenged themselves to learn Tan O Shanter)

In Scots week we have been looking at Scotland’s landscape, natural disasters and plate tectonics.


Now that it is 2018 I have a few dates for you (some parents and pupils have been asking me)

26th June – P7 night in school, usually a DVD and pizza

27th June – P7 Leavers Assembly – Afternoon

28th June – P7 DAY out (ORGANISED BY P7 PARENTS, Previously I have assisted by giving out surveys a parent has made which gives pupils a choice for a day out – often discussed by parents via class facebook, the school can also get costs for buses.  Parent council allocated £15 per pupil for this FULL day to include outing and food)

29th Last day of term – previously parents have organised a piper to be outside the classroom as they leave – photo opportunity etc.

Last year I made an autograph book with the class which they loved, they were about £4 each so this may be something we do again

Happy New year from Mrs H and P7 News

Happy New Year!!! I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year – Thank you all so much for your kind words, cards and gifts, you all know me so well!

Apologies for the long post!  I cannot believe in just 6 months we will be finished and P7 will have ended their time at Loanhead Primary.  In the mean time we have a LOT of hard work to do to prepare for High School.  I have been busy building up learning profiles for the children to send to High School with them and transition meetings will be starting where I meet with guidance teachers.

My expectations for 2018 are that pupils will come to school organised – WITH PENCILS, RUBBERS, GLUE, SHARPENERS, HIGHLIGHTERS, RULER, PROTRACTOR and a MEMORY PEN ( we use so much ICT this makes printing it easier). Pupils will be expected to know their homework and make a note of it so, as usual, they should bring a homework diary every day.  At High School pupils homework is given orally and they write it down – they take responsibility for their own learning.  These things are more important that spinners, toys and slime!

Unfinished Work – Pupils will be given enough time to complete a task, if they are not using time wisely (and 2/3+ of the class have finished) they will be expected to take it home, complete fully and have it signed for the next day. I appreciate your understanding.

P.E. (after advice from High Schools) PE will be on Tuesday and Thursdays and pupils are expected to have a FULL change of clothes – top and shorts (no tights) as well as indoor shoes.  No aerosols but roll ons are allowed.  Only about 60% of the class went to PE fully equipped every week last term.  If pupils are unable to do PE they will complete written work on PE.

I have worked out a simpler, and less time consuming, learning record so will begin to use this again – sending it home on Fridays to be signed.  We will continue with shoeless learning because, I believe that it works and we are going to be doing a lot of mindfulness and relaxation which ties in with it.

If you did not see me at Parents Night and require a catch up please get in tough k.hinton@mgfl.net

Homework will usually be given out Mon or Tues but reading will be at least twice a week as well as unfinished work.  Pupils will have maths targets that they will set and are required to work on these in their own time.  Mrs Caldwell is redoing the Maths test on fractions, decimals and percentages (pupils were asked to memorise the table below before Christmas – many never and therefore some of the results were not good).

Please talk to your child about the importance of being organised, on task and respectful.  This is their time to grow, learn and have fun but because it is fast paced with high expectations, there is a plan in place with management to support this.  Social Media had a massive impact on learning last year, please talk with your child about this and the importance of reporting to the police, not sharing images of others or doctoring them to share (both illegal), setting up fake accounts for the purpose of online bullying is not acceptable and the police told them all about the consequences.

I look forward to all of the exciting things we have planned this year and working, with yourselves, to prepare each and every pupil for High School.


Mrs H

P7 Info and News

WW2 Homework grid is due on Tuesday – Pupils have had 3 weeks to do 8 or 9 detailed activities (30 mins on each at least) – WW2 HOMEWORK GRID – 


PUPIL BEHAVIOUR PASSPORTS – Apologies for not handing these out today.  I am trying to get another system as 10 pupils did not hand them in last week so I am thinking of either a parent email or just doing it weekly.  Any suggestions welcome 🙂  They are a lot of work but have been welcomed by parents.

SCHOOL SHOW – COSTUMES AND PROPS FOR MONDAY (The actual show is a week on Monday.

Pantomime is Tuesday afternoon – arrive back at school at 4.30.  Whole upper atrium are out and the lower school will be at their panto too.

XMAS JUMPER DAY AND SCHOOL XMAS LUNCH are on Wed 🙂 Cash donations for local charity.