P7 Camp Information

Not long to go now 🙂 Please note pupils can never have enough gloves or socks 🙂

TUESDAY DROP OFF. Pupils will be getting ready to leave at 10am.  A letter has been sent home which says that you are welcome to come into school at 8.50 but pupils and all their belongings must meet in the large hall where you are welcome to wait.  Please do not come to school any later than 9.45.

Below is some information that has already been given to pupils but can be accessed here if needed.

Parent Meeting Presentation 2017-28svzh3


Please note from the Kit list and expectations that pupils should bring no electrical equipment, phones or snacks/sweets.

Pupils will meet their groups at Bonnyrigg Primary next Friday morning and will find out their dorms nearer the time.


MED 1 – form

MED 2 – form

P7 information etc.

FOR 22/1/17 – Learn and recite (with expression) Tam O’Shanter.  We have been working on this in class, have translated it and watched a video.  Some pupils are trying to learn it all but others are choosing at least 15 lines to recite for the competition next week.

Primary 7 have been working on long multiplication (e.g. 367×45) using the vertical sum method and have also been revising short division.  They should be able to show you what we have been doing and explain how they would “work the sums out”.  I have been encouraging pupils to work as fast as possible with accuracy and to finish work in the set times as this is very much a high school expectation – If work is unfinished it will be sent home – thank you for your support.  There is a real need for pupils to learn their times tables and how these times tables fit with division (e.g. 6×6=36 so 36 divided by 6 is 6) Pupils know their own individual targets for times tables (they all have them) and are taking responsibility to learn these.

We are doing a lot of reading comprehension and inferential questioning and will be breaking out into “reading groups” after camp.  Pupils should always have a silent reading book and are encouraged to read a book until the end in order to be reflective.

Please can pupils bring a homework diary because pupils will have individual homework activities that they should record.

I set weekly sumdog challenges and I encourage pupils to try some brain teasing exercises and problem solving like these, should they wish



We are also working hard on our STEM challenges with VEX robotics and pupils have been using “hour of code” and can do so at home.





Primary 7 – Happy new year

Happy New year 🙂  It is hard to believe that pupils have a few months left with us at Loanhead.  This term I will be encouraging pupils to be as independent as possible and take ownership of their learning.  They should know what we are learning, where they currently are, where they need to be and what to do to get there.

E.G. Pupil a might feel they need to learn their 8 times table, try more coding games to understand their robitocs and work on solving long multiplication sums and understanding the process.

Pupils should record personal homework in their diaries – pupils may have varying homeowrk from their peers throughout the week so I will put a rough idea on the website – pupils should know their own homework.

All pupils should have an appropriate book to read in class and they should be thinking reflectively on these.  Work unfinished in class often will be sent home.

Pupils must come to school with the correct materials – highlighters, pencils, rubber, glue, ruler, protractor, homework diary, full PE kit, indoor shoes and a warm coat.

More information will come out this month in relation to P7 transition camp and any thing given in school I will try my best to put on the website.

P7 information 12/12/16

Please can all pupils return £1 for their Christmas parties asap, thanks.

FOOD BANK- we have 1 more week of the reverse advent calendar as they are being collected by the food bank on 16th. thank you for all your donations of foods, treats, toiletries and toilet rolls so far. all are so much appreciated by midlothian food bank.

Homework – P3-7 concert – pupils have got lines and lyrics to learn for our show on the 16th December. A letter has been sent home with ticket information and costume info.

Pupils have been learning about coding and algorithms in ICT, if possible I have asked them to work on the coding work from the hour of code website (available on android, Windows and apple).

Sundog- we have a December maths contest in place for all to work on …this revises work we have been focusing on -decimals, angles, area, multiplication, place value etc.


P7 news

Please could parents ensure they have returned their annual data check forms and Parent Consultation day requests asap.  Times for parent consultations will be allocated from 5/11/16 and you should receive notification by the end of the week.

There is a SUMDOG challenge for Numeracy and for your information, we have been looking at measure (volume, capacity and length/area) over the past few weeks. There is a worksheet on BOMDAS due for Friday.

We are doing a novel study in School so the reading homework is the expected 20-30 minutes reading for enjoyment each night. I have asked pupils to try and see if they have dictionaries at home as there is dictionary work homework this week – Pupils are able to borrow them from school should they need to.

Can I also ask that P7 have a FULL change of PE kit in school each day.