P7 last week information and events :(

Well it is finally here – the last week of term.  I am such a proud teacher and seeing them on stage at the Gala Day was just fabulous, I am not going to lie – there were tears in my eyes!

Monday – we are rehearsing, rehearsing and rehearsing (pupils are to think about their circus costumes and bring in what they want to wear – it can be an over exaggeration of their personality – not traditional clowns etc.)

Tuesday – Buddy Breakfast – A wee chance to swap cards and gifts, swap words of wisdom and play with their P2 buddies (rehearsals too).

TUESDAY LEAVERS NIGHT IN SCHOOL (6.15-7.45pm) an event organised by parents where pupils can come and take photos, eat pizza and have fun with the class – hopefully a lovely night.  We will get the photo props out and pupils should come smart/casual and can wear their Gala Day attire if they wish (they have done in the past).  Parent Helpers welcome – see P7 facebook page.

Wednesday – Dress rehearsal (am) and LEAVERS ASSEMBLY 1.15pm,  2 adults per child max

THURSDAY – LEAVERS DAY OUT. Dominion Cinema and McDonalds.  Please wear hoodies.  Pupils do not need any money as the parent council fund this event.  Pupils can bring a small snack and juice (e.g. bottle of juice and a small bag of popcorn).  They will be having a meal and treat at McDonalds so please do not allow them to come with huge amounts of snack.

FRIDAY 🙁 Final Day – Certificate Assembly at 9am.  Leaving Assembly at 11am and Pupils break up at 12 Noon.  The parents have paid for a piper (please sent money in for Mrs Black) who will pipe out the pupils at 12 oclock.  Please meet them from outside the P7 classroom door.

I want to thank you all for your kind words and support this year.  I cannot tell you how amazing all of your children are and the amount of progress each and every one has made since August is unbelievable.  They hold a special place in my heart. Please keep in touch and remember to say Hi when you see us out and about!

Happy Summer!

Mrs Hinton xxxx

Another Successful Health Week!

This week has been our Health Week at Loanhead Primary, and what an amazing week it has been.  Every class has enjoyed learning about health and wellbeing as well as trying out different sports and healthy activities.  We thank Mrs Duncan for organising this week for us, without her then this week could not have happened.

Classes kicked off the week with our amazing sports day, another thanks to Mrs Duncan and the P7s for running this for the school.  It was a lovely afternoon filled with a lot of laughter and team spirit and it was great to see so many parents, carers, friends and family here to support the pupils.

The rest of the week was filled with our early morning warm ups in the playground, American Football, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Rugby, Judo, Movement to Music, Yoga, Judo, Relaxation, Healthy food making, Dance, Sleep and gaming awareness, Police talks, Internet safety, our fabulous bike breakfast (storm Hector can not stop us!) and so much more!

Here are some photos of this amazing week.


P7 News 11.6.18

Great feedback from Beeslack transition 🙂 well done P7 you were amazing! Those off to Lasswade are really excited.  They should meet at the corner at the bottom of the hill at 8.05am on Tuesday.  It is expected that they all attend Thursday night with parents – I have emailed the gala day to ask for support at this time for P7s.

No homework other than preparing for their £5 challenge (NEXT WEEK), Learning songs and dances for the assembly as well as thinking about their costumes 🙂

Pupils can come to school in sportswear this week and we look forward to PC Anderson coming in to talk about Health and Anti Social Behaviour.  We also have dance, rugby and Hockey to look forward to.  On Wednesday, remaining P7s are attending the Bike Festival at Beeslack – all equipment will be provided.  The letters are out last minute due to transitions and we were only recently made aware that we can take larger numbers 🙂 this is a fab day, the cost is £3 and pupils need a packed lunch!


P7 news and Information 5th June 2018

Not long to go now and I cannot believe the first of our High School transitions is nearly upon us.  I wish all soon to be S1s an amazing time and encourage them to have a growth mindset and give everything a go because this is such an exciting time for them.  Each and every one has made amazing progress in P7 and I cannot believe we are almost at the end.


LEAVERS DAY OUT – Is to the Dominion cinema and then McDonalds for lunch 🙂

LEAVERS ASSEMBLY – Everyone is expected to embrace this opportunity for one last performance at Primary School but the interest in having speaking or singing parts is low – please chat to your child about having confidence to take part.  Cinderella in P5 was fantastic so I know they have great dramatic skills.

LEAVERS NIGHT – Organised by parents, Pupils have opted for a pizza party in school.  They can come to school in Gala Day attire or just normal party clothes, listen to music, play football, take selfies and have some fun as a class. Parent council supply the food for this (thank you!) It is hoped that all can attend (times TBC but usually arond 6.15pm) There will need to be a few helpers on the night- Mrs Hinton hopes to attend too.

NEW Primary 7 post (May 2018)

This week there is homework on long multiplication, some pupils completed this in class though.  Revision on times tables and long multiplication would be an advantage for all.  We are revising French and pupils are encouraged to use apps such as Duolingo to revise what they have learned in primary and give confidence for high school.

PLEASE PLEASE can you send me P1 or photos of them at about that age – k.hinton@mgfl.net.  I hope to have the book sent away by next week and have 6 photos of P7 when they were younger to include, it would be fun if we had more.  Please can the payment for the books be given to Mrs Hinton ASAP, all pupils have asked for one (cash only as some of the total price is being subsidised).

P7 outing – Dominion cinema and McDs for lunch.  The Parent event on the last Tues is usually a pizza and film but can be changed?

We had a visit from lasswade today, they spoke to the class about their high expectations and this included not being late, having right equipment and doing all homework.  Lunch n transition days is provided and pupils to wear full Loanhead uniform.

S1 uniform: Is not optional and includes white shirt, tie, blazer, black smart shoes (all compulsory). Black trousers (no jeans or leggings) or a skirt and thick black tights.  FULL CHANGE FOR PE to include black and white tshirt/shorts and sports shoes suitable for running etc (not converse).  Blazer and tie to be seen at all times when in the building.

P7 Visit Loanhead’s new climbing Centre – EDEN ROCK

Primary 7 had an amazing opportunity to visit Eden Rock last week.  The new climbing centre is just a short walk from the school and we had a tour of the amazing world class facilities as well as learning tome tips and tricks.  The class picked it up really fast and by the end they were all really excited to tell friends and family and go and visit again in their own time.

Loanhead Primary are hoping to work with Eden Rock in the future to offer some exciting opportunities to all pupils.

P7 info 23/4/18

Dear P7 Parents,

PLEASE COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FOR EDEN ROCK BEFORE TUES 24TH – USE THIS LINK   http://www.edenrockclimbing.com/registration/

Virgin £5 challenge.

In class we have been working on enterprise and teamwork skills and hope to have an enterprise week next month.  In that week pupils will take part in the £5 challenge from Virgin Money where they will work in small groups on a variety of activities to try and make £5 grow.

Pupils have thought about various ways they could use their £5 to make more profit, this week they have thought about possible issues that may arise and how they may prevent these.  Soon, pupils will be asked to present their ideas to Mrs Donnelly – they should know their plan, costing, how they will prevent problems, possible profits and perhaps even have a prototype.  It will also be important that they can answer questions about their venture.  This week, as part of their homework, they are being asked to talk to people at home about their ideas and put their presentation together.  I look forward to hear about all of their exciting ideas very soon.  Profits made will go towards drama props and art materials for our Leavers’ assembly.

Transition Tests

We are working our way through transition tests in Numeracy this week.  High School requires pupils to get 60% or less in their tests so that they can see where their gaps are and address these first.  It does seem a bit strange that pupils are not expected to get a higher mark and some cannot get their head around it.  Please assure your child that they have all worked very hard this year and these tests are a mere snapshot of their learning.

Leavers’ Books

Last year we made small autograph/year books in P7 and they cost £6-7.  I have a larger book template and the class have all said they really like these and would like the opportunity to make them.  I have a lot of photographs of them over the years so this would make a lovely keepsake.  The cost would be £8.50, please can pupils bring this in ASAP.  As part of our Leavers’ events I am asking if I could get any photos of pupils starting P1 (as well as other years), Photos of them doing something they are proud of and if possible a copy of the P1 class photo.  I will scan any photos and return them to you once I have – please put child’s name on the back of each photo.  Alternatively please email me anything you think would work to k.hinton@mgfl.net.

Such a busy term, I will try to keep the website updated as much as possible.


Many Thanks

Mrs Hinton