P7 news week beginning 5.6.17

Health week – there is no homework this week due to transition days.  I have advised pupils to try to be as active as possible and spend time outdoors, making healthy food and doing their posture exercises daily (ask them all about it!).

There is a trip to Sky Studios  on 20/6/17. There is a payment of £5.50 and a packed lunch and school dress is required. The letter will be available in lass but can be printed here SKY STUDIOS LETTER-

Please note that there is another advertiser photograph arranged for next Monday so please wear hoodies.

P7 news and homework

This week personal projects are due. Please also remember that pupils have reading homework twice a week- the majority are not doing the necessary work.

Wednesday- Advertiser are coming in to take P7 photos. Please wear hoodies. Project due in. Maths homework given out today for Monday.

Friday-reading for today.

Please return Beeslack transition slips. Also if you wish you purchase an autograph book please can you let me know.

Summer fair- we are looking for as many P7 helpers as possible and donations for raffle, hamper, tombola and stalls still needed.



Primary 7 information and homework


You have a novel that you are reading in small groups in class, and sometimes at home.  I would like you to choose another book of choice for the rest of May and I would like you to read this with an adult.  This does not mean that you sit, every night, reading to them – you may wish to read a chapter and chat it over, do reading tennis with them, get the audio version and listen to some part and read the others, they may read a chapter and then you can read it and you may take turns to answer questions for each other.

This task is for you to read for enjoyment while discussing texts as we have been doing in class.  Skills to consolidate might include – inferential questions, rhetorical questions, predicting, comparing the text to others you have read or to events in your own lives, you may discuss the author’s purpose or main idea, look up words and discuss why they have been used….talking about texts is endless.  Enjoy your reading.

At the end of the month I would like you to share your book with peers in the form of a verbal book report.

Personal Project

Due 24th May

As High school looms closer it is important to have your future in mind, not everyone knows what they want to be when they are adults but it is always food for thought.  If you have a rough idea then you can plan next steps, goals and even have an idea of experience, skills and qualifications that you need to gain.  I would like you to produce a report on 1 career path that you are thinking of considering.  This should be written or typed and include various texts and images.  You should have

  • A contents page
  • An about you page – why you are choosing that career to research, what skills and qualities you have that might help you in that career etc.
  • Information about training/experience/tests/exams/assessments needed for that career.
  • An idea of progression in that career path, you may want to include wage details, responsibility details and additional training needed as you progress.
  • You may want to include what life would be like of a “typical day in the life of a…..”
  • You might be lucky enough to know someone in that career who you can interview and write up about their experiences.
  • You may need to include a glossary or FAQ pages or even tables, charts etc – the choice is yours.

*I would like you to research this topic in detail.  Please include all details that you feel may be relevant and will show me that you have done high quality research and work over the 2 week period.



There is a SUMDOG assessment for the class.  We are also consolidating work on fractions, decimals and percentages and many pupils know division needs improvement – specifically short division with 4 digit numbers.

We also plan to have a bake sale for NDCS on the 17th of May.  Donations of baking etc that we can sell would be gratefully received.

P7 robotics award winning team at the Vex nationals competition 2017, Birmingham

Mrs Hinton could not be any prouder 🙂 P7 have had Robotics as a topic this term and have been working through the Vex Robotics curriculum. This STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, art and maths) topic has really taken off and a team of 8 travelled to Birmingham with another team from St David’s Primary School to compete in the National competition.

Pupils have had to study robot builds from simple from complex, they analysed how they work and designed their own robot for for a challenge, built, it was then programmed to move, pick up hex balls, lift and transport them, place them in high and low goals, go up and down a bridge and balance in a bridge with 1 other robot…..very tricky. They also had an engineering notebook detailing, step by step, how they built and programmed the robot and this was assessed.

In Birmingham, pupils represented Scotland as the only 2 teams from Scotland and competed in driver and skills matches. Their robot was inspected and analysed and they were tested on their knowledge and understanding.

They had under 3 weeks, as a team, and we’re up against teams with experience from 2-6 years so they have done amazing. Thank you to the parents who have come in to help over this time too.

We have learned a lot from our fast paced day yesterday and saw some truly technological robot design and programming. We also are so happy to have won the Think Award for knowledge of programming, being able to talk about it on detail with terminology and relate it to our chosen robot design. Well done!

A different P7 team will.compete in a Midlothian school contest in 2 weeks.

P7 Information

This week there is reading homework only.  Pupils are having a week of testing and assessments throughout the curriculum and are already embracing these so please spend the evenings outdoors and relaxing…Help cook dinner, make something for someone or help around the house.

VEX Birmingham people- info packs will be coming your way tomorrow.  Please discuss the event with pupils because they will be expected to speak about their experiences, robot design choices etc to the assessors.


School Newsletter (March)

P7 29/2/17 homework and class information

Pupils have been given Maths homework jotters and have been asked to supply a strong plastic wallet for these to go in along with homework sheets.  I have also allocated homework diaries for those without.  Pupils should also try to have access to showbie either via IOS, apple, android or windows as I will include some revision on there for pupils who wish to use it.

  1. We have been looking at Speed,Distance and Time calculations and have progressed onto Decimals, fractions and percentages.  Pupil homework builds on learning in class and it is ESSENTIAL that pupils know their times tables.  It is expected that by P7 they know them all, if not then those pupils must continue to work on this.- you tube teaching aid for S,D,T – S,D,T calculation, Teaching aids for fractions and decimals Decimal Place Value , Multiply decimals , Decimal Division
  2. Reading circles have been set up this week and pupils have chosen books and all set their homework in their groups. They always have a reflection of some sort to do alongside their reading – this will not just be a simple summary.
  • As you must be aware, our current topic is Robotics.  We have 8 lucky pupils who were drawn from the hat to participate in the Birmingham competition in March (I have only just finalised information but it will all come out to parents, those pupils who wished to be considered for the competition had already taken a basic info sheet home).  There is still our school “robot wars” competition as well as the Midlothian competition so all pupils will still be doing the same learning regardless of each competition, They will all produce and code a robot suitable for the Crossover challenge.


* P7 homework and news 21.2.17 *

  • Many pupils have reading comprehension homework to finish from Monday for Wednesday.
  • Pupils have a speed/distance/time maths sheet (for fri)
  • Vex robotics forms to be completed for Wed (only for those wishing to be considered to take part in national contest)
  • SUMDOG challenge(s) for class
  • Hour of code: Majority of pupils have requested extra work on programming and robotics, links are below but VEQ channels on you tube are an excellent resource and pupils are encouraged to note take.
  • http://www.robotmesh.com/studio/106407
  • https://code.org/learn/robotics
  • https://code.org/minecraft

P7 homework and Information 30/1/17

Homework – 

Spelling words – 30 of the most commonly wrongly spelled words – pupils are to challenge themselves to learn these for MONDAY 6th Feb


Maths For Friday – Pupils are asked to learn their 8 times table and related division sums (e.g. 6×6 is 36 so 36 divided by 6 = 6).  These need to be learned with speed and accuracy.  There are fortune tellers which pupils can decorate, build and use to learn.  They have had the 8 times table one handed out in class.

6 Times-Table-Fortune-Teller



In Maths we have been investigating parabolic curves and producing these in a variety of colours and shapes.  Pupils are being asked to research new designs of these and try at least 1 on an A4 piece of paper or other medium (please ask if needed) – see here for a similar lesson  http://mrchads.weebly.com/parabolic-curve.html



Parents Evening: Thursday 2nd February 3.30 – 5.30pm: This is a drop-in event for an informal chat, we are still waiting on mi:SPACE deliveries and hope to invite parents in to share more learning after the Feb holiday so if you are unable to attend on Thursday there will be another opportunity soon.