House Captains 2019!

Many P7s have waited for this week for years, some with excitement and confidence and others with nerves and anxieties – many not even sure if they want to put themselves forward, but you did it!

I am so impressed with the House Captain speeches this year, not only were there a record number of you who put yourselves forward, but the quality of the speeches were all the best I have seen! We had raps, dance moves, PowerPoints, entrance music and many confident speakers captivating their audiences and energising their team. The children in each house voted for their captains and the votes were counted and announced.

Well done to….

TEAM EDGELAW with Freya and Riley

TEAM DRYDEN with Emma and Lewis

TEAM GLADHOUSE with Rachel and Luke#

I wish you all a successful year!  P7 is a huge responsibility and all P7s will be allocated roles within the school, I look forward to this next week.

Welcome back Primary 7 – Class of 2019!!!! Eeeeek

Welcome back, I hope you are all feeling refreshed and revised after your holiday.  We have a lot of exciting learning to get our teeth into this term, starting with a short mini-study (or getting to know you unit) of The Unsinkable Ship.  I look forward to making memories with P7 in their last year at Loanhead with laughter, fun and plenty of challenges.

Trips this term are 2 of my favourites – The Risk Factory and the Poppy Factory.  parent helpers are needed.

We began P7 by watching this video of Derek Redmond (Makes me so emotional every time)  and we had a fabulous discussion about challenge, to keep going at whatever speed, to help others along – but not win the race for them, to win our own races.  Really helped set a tone for P7 – never give up!

Homework – The first activity will be to write and present your House Captain speech and because I know how nerve wracking this can be, apart from 20 minutes of reading for enjoyment and some fresh-air time, there will be no homework until those are dun and dusted.

P.E. – Quick note about P.E. and a general hygiene rule mirrored by High Schools.  Pupils MUST have a FULL change of PE clothes – shorts and a top for P.E that are not their daily uniform and supportive sports shoes.  Our classroom is hot and P7 become so attached to their hoodies that they rarely take them off so wearing them to get hot and sweaty in P.E. and then all day is not promoting good personal hygiene.  In P7 it is common for pupils to bring their own roll on or stick deodorant (no aerosols) and pupils are allowed to use these as needed.

I look forward to meeting you at “Meet the teacher” on Wednesday (3.30)

Many thanks

An end of term thank you from Mrs Hinton

I want to say a huge thank you to all my P7s and their parents for my amazingly thoughtful gifts, cards and kind words. It has been a whirlwind few weeks of madness but they got there and have done so well. They all hold a special place in my heart and I wish you happy, safe and healthy holidays. Remember to say “hello” when you see me in the street and I look forward to hearing about your high school adventures.

Remember to take risks in your learning, be kind, be a friend, look out for each other and always have good manners. Your deeds are your monuments.

Much love,

Mrs H x


P7 last week information and events :(

Well it is finally here – the last week of term.  I am such a proud teacher and seeing them on stage at the Gala Day was just fabulous, I am not going to lie – there were tears in my eyes!

Monday – we are rehearsing, rehearsing and rehearsing (pupils are to think about their circus costumes and bring in what they want to wear – it can be an over exaggeration of their personality – not traditional clowns etc.)

Tuesday – Buddy Breakfast – A wee chance to swap cards and gifts, swap words of wisdom and play with their P2 buddies (rehearsals too).

TUESDAY LEAVERS NIGHT IN SCHOOL (6.15-7.45pm) an event organised by parents where pupils can come and take photos, eat pizza and have fun with the class – hopefully a lovely night.  We will get the photo props out and pupils should come smart/casual and can wear their Gala Day attire if they wish (they have done in the past).  Parent Helpers welcome – see P7 facebook page.

Wednesday – Dress rehearsal (am) and LEAVERS ASSEMBLY 1.15pm,  2 adults per child max

THURSDAY – LEAVERS DAY OUT. Dominion Cinema and McDonalds.  Please wear hoodies.  Pupils do not need any money as the parent council fund this event.  Pupils can bring a small snack and juice (e.g. bottle of juice and a small bag of popcorn).  They will be having a meal and treat at McDonalds so please do not allow them to come with huge amounts of snack.

FRIDAY 🙁 Final Day – Certificate Assembly at 9am.  Leaving Assembly at 11am and Pupils break up at 12 Noon.  The parents have paid for a piper (please sent money in for Mrs Black) who will pipe out the pupils at 12 oclock.  Please meet them from outside the P7 classroom door.

I want to thank you all for your kind words and support this year.  I cannot tell you how amazing all of your children are and the amount of progress each and every one has made since August is unbelievable.  They hold a special place in my heart. Please keep in touch and remember to say Hi when you see us out and about!

Happy Summer!

Mrs Hinton xxxx

Another Successful Health Week!

This week has been our Health Week at Loanhead Primary, and what an amazing week it has been.  Every class has enjoyed learning about health and wellbeing as well as trying out different sports and healthy activities.  We thank Mrs Duncan for organising this week for us, without her then this week could not have happened.

Classes kicked off the week with our amazing sports day, another thanks to Mrs Duncan and the P7s for running this for the school.  It was a lovely afternoon filled with a lot of laughter and team spirit and it was great to see so many parents, carers, friends and family here to support the pupils.

The rest of the week was filled with our early morning warm ups in the playground, American Football, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Rugby, Judo, Movement to Music, Yoga, Judo, Relaxation, Healthy food making, Dance, Sleep and gaming awareness, Police talks, Internet safety, our fabulous bike breakfast (storm Hector can not stop us!) and so much more!

Here are some photos of this amazing week.


P7 News 11.6.18

Great feedback from Beeslack transition 🙂 well done P7 you were amazing! Those off to Lasswade are really excited.  They should meet at the corner at the bottom of the hill at 8.05am on Tuesday.  It is expected that they all attend Thursday night with parents – I have emailed the gala day to ask for support at this time for P7s.

No homework other than preparing for their £5 challenge (NEXT WEEK), Learning songs and dances for the assembly as well as thinking about their costumes 🙂

Pupils can come to school in sportswear this week and we look forward to PC Anderson coming in to talk about Health and Anti Social Behaviour.  We also have dance, rugby and Hockey to look forward to.  On Wednesday, remaining P7s are attending the Bike Festival at Beeslack – all equipment will be provided.  The letters are out last minute due to transitions and we were only recently made aware that we can take larger numbers 🙂 this is a fab day, the cost is £3 and pupils need a packed lunch!


P7 news and Information 5th June 2018

Not long to go now and I cannot believe the first of our High School transitions is nearly upon us.  I wish all soon to be S1s an amazing time and encourage them to have a growth mindset and give everything a go because this is such an exciting time for them.  Each and every one has made amazing progress in P7 and I cannot believe we are almost at the end.


LEAVERS DAY OUT – Is to the Dominion cinema and then McDonalds for lunch 🙂

LEAVERS ASSEMBLY – Everyone is expected to embrace this opportunity for one last performance at Primary School but the interest in having speaking or singing parts is low – please chat to your child about having confidence to take part.  Cinderella in P5 was fantastic so I know they have great dramatic skills.

LEAVERS NIGHT – Organised by parents, Pupils have opted for a pizza party in school.  They can come to school in Gala Day attire or just normal party clothes, listen to music, play football, take selfies and have some fun as a class. Parent council supply the food for this (thank you!) It is hoped that all can attend (times TBC but usually arond 6.15pm) There will need to be a few helpers on the night- Mrs Hinton hopes to attend too.