P7 Info and News

WW2 Homework grid is due on Tuesday – Pupils have had 3 weeks to do 8 or 9 detailed activities (30 mins on each at least) – WW2 HOMEWORK GRID – 


PUPIL BEHAVIOUR PASSPORTS – Apologies for not handing these out today.  I am trying to get another system as 10 pupils did not hand them in last week so I am thinking of either a parent email or just doing it weekly.  Any suggestions welcome 🙂  They are a lot of work but have been welcomed by parents.

SCHOOL SHOW – COSTUMES AND PROPS FOR MONDAY (The actual show is a week on Monday.

Pantomime is Tuesday afternoon – arrive back at school at 4.30.  Whole upper atrium are out and the lower school will be at their panto too.

XMAS JUMPER DAY AND SCHOOL XMAS LUNCH are on Wed 🙂 Cash donations for local charity.


Our topic is WWII and although we cover a lot in class, pupils asked to do some personal project work.  To take this into account I have made a 3 week homework grid – pupils should do a MINIMUM of 1 task out of each section.  They can collate these in the folders given, produce their own booklets or folders or type it all and email to me.  I expect evidence of research, making connections across the curriculum, creativity and high quality work.


SKY ACADEMY – 29th Nov – pupils require a packed lunch

Pantomime and xmas party is now due.

P7 are really busy with our Christmas fair and I will be sending out permission slips for them to stay until 2pm on 1st December in order to help out on the day.

Pupils have reading for Tues and Thursdays and should consistently be working on learn its, times tables (plus associated division), adding and subtracting 3,4,5 digit numbers in their heads (with 10 seconds work out time only)

P7 News and Homework 6/11/17

P7 have their trip to the poppy factory on Thursday morning so require a packed lunch. Many people still need to return the £3 for the poppy factory with the permission slips, the £3 for Sky and permission trip are also due – a few people have returned the slips only.

I still require a parent helper for Thursday – please let me know if you can help k.hinton@mgfl.net

Homework this week (for Fri):

All groups have reading with associated activities

There is a Remembrance worksheet Poppy Homework-1jfar62

Maths Homework (to be completes in jotters) – Time Homework 6.11.17-23pxozv

Thanks to the 12 who handed in their homework on Fri, surprises may be in store!

Poppies are on sale this week – 50p/£1 suggested donation

Christmas Card order form should be sent home – please return by Friday

Gentle reminder that pupils should not cycle or scoot in playground and could water bottles have only water in them please.

P7 30/10/17 News and Info

This week we have started a mini literacy unit which uses the theme of Zombies.  Pupils are looking at survival skills, hygiene, water purification, geography/local landscapes and map skills.  This is designed to be a fun activity and has no gore or scary stories linked to it 🙂

Letters went out for Poppy Factory and Sky Academy (plus 2 consent forms to be filmed at Sky) please could slips and payment be returned by Friday.

Maths Homework went out today and is revision of Time – if your child has a watch it would be useful if they wore it and learned to read it as this has been covered in first level.

Maths – Time revision

P7 camp update

P7 campers are having a ball demonstrating great resilience, determination and perseverance. They are enjoying meeting new friends and working together to overcome challenges and reach new heights.

Mrs Hinton is proud of all They have achieved so far and is impressed with their manners and growth mindset. For those without Twitter here are some photos. Apologies if they are upside down….signal is rubbish etc.

P7 News, info and homework 12th October 2017

Camp Info that went home 13/10/17 (Pink Letter) Oct Camp Info

It was lovely to meet so many of you again at Parents Consultations this week.  Many of you are requesting additional homework and I suggestthat pupils revise multiplication, mental addition and subtraction up to (4 digit numbers), telling the time both analogue and digital and money (budgeting). I send out maths homework most weeks.

As well as reading for 20-30 mins each night, it would be advantageous for pupils to also revise common word lists and if they are secure with these then the most commonly mis-spelled words.

Common words

Common misspellings

Pupils have homework due on 23rd October.  This is an activity grid based on WONDER. Their answers should be high level and quote the text as evidence.  They are worth up to 10 house points per question and I have high expectations. This was issued on 8/10/19

P7 Wonder Homework

We have been made aware of a French High School transition test where pupils will be tested on listening and writing in French.  They are expected to know basic French for conversation for speaking and writing.  We have revised this every year and have worked on it this month.  Some pupils asked for revision to give them a good grounding for the test (next month) I put this pack together.

french revision

There are also many fabulous French apps such as Duolingo which have been proven to improve French – even just by doing 5 minutes per day.

P7 News and Homework 2/10/17

Please Note:

  • Lasswade High School roadshow is tonight (2nd October at 6.30pm in our school)
  • Beeslack open evening is Thursday 12th October (6.30pm-8.30pm)
  • Parent Consultations are next week.  If you are unable to attend or we have recently met and you would like to come in next term instead please let me know. Letters were sent out today and should be back for Thursday.  Times are tight due to class size. k.hinton@mgfl.net.
  • Swimming gala is tomorrow – pupils should be at school for 8.45am and have a snack, water bottle and packed lunch (all appropriate kit too!).


Pupils should continue to read for enjoyment! They have a word origins sheet and should use appropriate tools (discussed in class) to help them answer the questions.  We have been reading scales in class and there is a follow up sheet for homework too.


Reebops in P7 Science

In Science this week, P7 investigated inheritance and variation through Reebops -imaginary animals, made from play  dough.

The new proud parents learned the relationship between genes and inherited traits and how hereditary information is passed from one generation to the next, and how the physical appearance of offspring can be determined by combinations of genes received by parents.

Have a look at some of our adorable offspring 🙂