P6 Homework for Miss Longford

All groups have spelling words for after half term. The learning council have set homework to discuss our ‘learning powers’ with an adult at home.

This week we will also be working on the 500 words Radio 2 writing competition which many in the class are keen to enter. I will take these in on Wednesday at the latest for feedback before half term so that they can be typed and submitted from home. Although we will have time in class to work on the stories, some finishing off and checking your own work should be done for homework before Wednesday. 

P6 Reading Homework (Miss Prior) Due 11.03.16

P6 should be continuing to read 20 minutes every night. This weeks task will be to think about your home reading book and pretend one of the characters has either committed a crime or  missing. You will create a wanted/missing poster. Look at the examples bellow.

Dojo points will be awarded to people that include lots of detail. Please just do this on blank paper. This can be supplied from school if anybody needs it.

P6 Homework for Miss Longford. Given 1st Feb

This week we will be preparing a French play to enter a competition. The class will need to learn the parts for ‘tout le monde’ (everybody), which are mainly songs, and any extra words they may have chosen to take on – Due Wednesday 3rd Feb.

All groups have spelling words – Due Monday 8th Feb

P6 homework WB 25.01.16 (Miss Prior)

Following on from the work we were doing in class on the Scots language. Please take a pop song, nursery rhyme or any song you want (as long as it is appropriate for school) and change into Scots. You are not allowed to do Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ as we have already looked at this in class.

Due for next Thursday!

For example:

Ye pit your richt airm in,

Your richt airm oot,

In, oot

In, oot

Shak it aw aboot.

Ye dae the Shooglie-Wooglie

And ye birl around.

That’s whit it’s aw aboot – BREEKS!

P6 Reading Homework (Misss Prior) WB 18.01.16

For the last two weeks we have been focusing on reading skills in class, specifically inference.This weeks homework is a reading comprehension sheet.  You can complete the homework on the sheet.

In a previous post I said to complete the work for the next Thursday. However, to give me time to mark I have decided Wednesday is better.

People who did not do this weeks homework please also do this for next week.

Homework due-27.01.16

Creative spelling!

Thanks and well done to Kirsty, Tobey and Rebecca who all decided to bake in order to help them remember their spelling words last week.