P6 Information – Week Beg: 13.1.20


Information for this week:

Tuesday 14th

A select number of P6 pupils are attending an Indoor Athletics Competition. They will have early lunch and be back by the end of school as normal.

Reminder that any consent forms and payment must be received by the office before the pupils can attend.



  • Poetry Recitals – As part of Scottish Week, all pupils were given a choice of three poems to take home, read and recite. These are, ‘Red Red Rose’ by Robert Burns, ‘A Dug, A Dug’ by Bill Keys and ‘That’s the Game’ by Jill Bennet. A paper copy of the chosen poem for each pupil was provided last Wednesday. Props and dramatic presentation are all welcome for the recitals!

The deadline was originally set for Wednesday 22nd January. However due to time constraints. I kindly ask if you could try to have these prepared for Monday 20th January instead. This would be greatly appreciated.

  • Spellings have been set for Friday 17th January. These are copied into the red homework jotters on Tuesday. There are two tasks to do for the spelling words this week.
  1. Make a mnemonic poem out of two of your spelling words. (Make sure it makes sense!) For example,






  1. Find the meaning of 3 words in your spellings list. Use a dictionary to help you.


  • Maths/Numeracy – A revision sheet for additional practice will be sent home on Friday to be completed for the following week on Friday 24th January.


Thanks for your support,

Mr. Nelson

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