Primary 2 Homework 8.2.22


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. The homework for this week has gone out today and includes their reading book with a recommended reading schedule.

The sound we are practising this week is “wh” and the words to practise are:

did     cut     twin     whale     wheel

white     whisper     what     when     whenever

We will practise reading in school Wednesday and Thursday this week so please can the children come into school with their reading books on these days. The reading books this week may stay home over the holiday and be handed in on Monday 21st February after the February break.

Many thanks for all your support,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Newsletter 4.2.22


I’ve attached our primary 2 newsletter below. Primary 2 will have outdoor learning on the morning of  Monday 7th February. Please can they come dressed with appropriate outdoor clothing in case of cold/ wet weather. They may also bring a change of clothes in their schoolbag for when they return to school. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend,

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

newsletter 17

Primary 2 Homework 1.2.22


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Last week we finished off our Scotland topic and this week we will be looking at mental health as well as keeping ourselves safe around medicines.

The homework for this week:

  • I have included a maths worksheet to practise partitioning numbers into tens and ones.
  • The suggested reading is in each pupil’s yellow reading record and new books went home today. I have also included flashcards for each group to practise over the next month. I will include a list of these at the bottom of the post in case any cards go astray.
  • The spelling words for this week are:   bus     pot     swim     cube     tune     used     excuse     little     down     useless

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs Lynch

Bananas Keywords

Grapes Keywords

Oranges Keywords

Apples Keywords

Pear Keywords

Primary 2 Newsletter 28.1.22

I have attached our weekly newsletter below. Just a wee reminder the children have outdoor learning on  Monday with Miss Simpson. Please can they come to school dressed ready this and they may bring in a change of clothes.

newsletter 16

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework and outdoor learning 25.1.22


The homework for this week:

  • Numeracy: Have a go at place value basketball on the website Topmarks. Follow the link below and select 0-99. For a challenge give 0-999 a go! I have also set up a sumdog challenge which they have until Monday evening to try to complete. Good luck and please ask me if you need another copy of login details.
  • Reading: The children have each brought home their reading books to practise this week.
  • Spelling: The spelling words to practise this week are cod   lot   snap   bone   nose   home   globe   live   give   tadpole

On Monday the 31st January and Monday 7th February Primary two will be taking part in outdoor learning sessions with Miss Simpson and Mrs Wallace. These will run from 915-11am. The children will be going out even if it’s rainy so please can they wear suitable outdoor clothing. A change of clothing may be useful especially if it is wet outside.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 18.1.22


The homework for this week has gone home today:

  • Reading: I have included suggestions for reading each night in their yellow reading records. They also read most day in class so please can they bring their reading books in Mondays-Thursdays for this.
  • Spelling: This week we have been looking at i_e with magic e changing the i from a short to long sound. The spelling words for this week are: six     pad     smell     bike     time     smile     prize     like     have     bridesmaid
  • Poetry: As a whole school we are looking at Scottish poetry. Our class poems are Mince and Tatties and Doctor by J K Annand which the children each have a copy of. As part of their homework for this week and into next they can choose and practise one of these poems to perform next week for the class. The best two recitals will get to perform them via our whole school digital assembly on the 28th January. Good luck primary 2 and I hope you enjoy practising your poem performance.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and any questions please feel free to email me on If anyone is still to fill in the online digital permission slips for the device rollout please do so as soon as possible. Any problems please just let me know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Newsletter 14.1.22


I have attached this week’s newsletter below:

newsletter 14

It’s been lovely seeing the children so focused and excited to be back this week. I will be adding some pictures of this weeks learning to google classroom so the children can share their castle creations.

Please see the important information below from Mrs Hinton regarding the pupil’s learning device scheme. If anyone would like another copy of their child’s google classroom password or any help filling in the form please just let me know.

Many thanks and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lynch

Thank you to the families who have already filled out the forms as part of the exciting Midlothian Council scheme to allocate each child  with a learning device. So far, 65% of pupils are enrolled to be allocated devices when the time comes.

Please see below for more information.  There is a form to fill out which takes around 5 minutes.  If possible, please enter the username and password for your child (they know this as they use it to log in to chromebooks at school).  The form can be done without this but it does make the process quicker if you use it.  Every child has been given this!

Parental Acknowledgement Form (must be completed ASAP).

There are answers to frequently asked questions on the Equipped for Learning site, as well as useful contacts should you wish to discuss the scheme further.

We are excited to continue to develop successful learners and positive digital citizens at Loanhead Primary.


Mrs H