Primary 2 Homework


I hope everyone is having a good week so far. We have two sounds that we are practising this week: ‘ss’ and ‘zz’

The spelling words are:

hop     fit     grin     buzz     cross

less     miss     go     no     crossroad

Challenge: Try to write a sentence with as many ‘ss’ and ‘zz’ words you can think of. Remember finger spaces, full stop and capital letter.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 16.11.21


Book Week Scotland

Thank you to those children who shared their favourite story today in our show and tell for Book Week Scotland. If there are any pupils who haven’t shared their favourite story who would like to do so please could they bring a book in tomorrow (17th) or Thursday 18th.

I will be handing out book bags from Read Write Count tomorrow which include two new books and some activities for each pupil.

Please see the attached poster with information for a parent event on Monday 22nd November regarding the Read Write Count bag.

read write count.docx


Spelling: This week our sound is ‘ll’ and the class came up with an impressive word bank, well done! The spelling words are:

ox     run     from     will     bell

doll     skull     there     they     windmill

Reading: I have included reading homework within each pupils yellow reading record.

Numeracy: Last week we were learning about near doubles. I have included in their homework bags a worksheet to practise their own near double addition sums.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

🌟SCHOOL TEA TOWELS – Parent Council Fundraiser 🌟

This information will be sent home in paper form on Wednesday 12th of November.  We appreciate the tight timing but for Christmas orders this is the deadline.

Payment and order forms should be returned to teachers or office by Wednesday 17th November, in a sealed and labelled envelope.

You can always print the form below and hand into the office with payment and in a sealed envelope.



Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the Parent Council’s fundraising this term, the children are designing brilliant tea towels showing a collage of self-portraits. It will make a great present for family and friends or for you to hold on to as a keepsake!  Due to numbers, there will be a choice to order an upper atrium towel (P5-7 children) or a lower atrium one (P1-4).

The product is 45% cotton and 55% linen and is high quality. The cost of each tea towel is £5. As the towels will be printed to order, please complete the order form below and hand it in to the office with your payment in cash (exact change), and in a clearly labelled, sealed envelope, by Wednesday 17th of November to ensure that we beat the Christmas rush!

Thanks very much and we hope you like them!

The Parent Council

Primary 2 Homework 9/11/21


The spelling words for this week are:

red     win     drum     off     cliff

stiff     cuff     said     here     chaffinch

The sound we are focusing on is ‘ff’.

I have set up a sumdog challenge which the children have until the 15th November to complete.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 2/11/21


The spelling words for this week are:

up     man     crab     Friday    Saturday

Sunday     today     come     some     weekend

As there was less opportunity to read in class last week I have kept the groups on the same book, to allow for more time to practise together. This week I have also included a worksheet on coin recognition so that the children can consolidate some of their learning from primary one as we begin our money topic in maths.

I am looking forward to the learning trio appointments this week and next. To comply with covid guidelines please could just one parent/ guardian attend with their child for the face to face meetings and enter through the classroom door. Appointments are 15 minutes long. Please feel free to email myself or call the office with any queries regarding this.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch