Primary 2 Homework and updates 7/12/21


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in primary 2 and rehearsals for our nativity are going well. I will send out a newsletter on Thursday detailing our busy week of singing, nativity filming and Christmas party beginning on Monday 13th December.


  • Spelling: this week we are learning how to spell colours. The spelling words are:                                                                        sad     let     trip     blue     orange     grey    black      one     by     colour
  • Reading: Please find the reading books and guidance in the yellow reading records
  • Please access google classroom to choose a song for our party playlist next week primary 2. I have included a copy of the children’s passwords in their homework bags.

Accessing google classroom

Google classroom can be accessed via gmail.

  • Visit
  • Sign in to gmail using the above email address and password
  • In the top right corner click on the symbol showing nine dots
  • Select ‘classroom’

If your child joined the school in primary 2 please find a link within your child’s email inbox which will allow you to join the classroom.

Any problems accessing the classroom please let me know, I’m happy to chat at the end of the school day or can be reached on

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs Lynch


Primary 2 Newsletter 3/12/21


Please find below the primary two newsletter for this week. We have been practising hard on our nativity this week ready for filming the week beginning the 13th December. Well done to those children who have memorised their lines already! Great work!

newsletter 11

I hope everyone has a great weekend,

Mrs Lynch


Primary 2 Homework and updates 30.11.21


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I have handed out google classroom email and passwords. Please check you can access this ok, any problems please let me know. We will use this in the event of snow days or for any distance learning.

We have been busy preparing to film our nativity with primary one the week beginning the 13th December, very exciting! Those children who wished to have speaking roles have their lines home to practise.


Our sound of the week is ‘ck’, please practise the following words at home:

bed     wet     prod     duck     neck

clock     lick     so     my     broomstick

I have included reading homework in their yellow reading records.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework


I hope everyone is having a good week so far. We have two sounds that we are practising this week: ‘ss’ and ‘zz’

The spelling words are:

hop     fit     grin     buzz     cross

less     miss     go     no     crossroad

Challenge: Try to write a sentence with as many ‘ss’ and ‘zz’ words you can think of. Remember finger spaces, full stop and capital letter.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 16.11.21


Book Week Scotland

Thank you to those children who shared their favourite story today in our show and tell for Book Week Scotland. If there are any pupils who haven’t shared their favourite story who would like to do so please could they bring a book in tomorrow (17th) or Thursday 18th.

I will be handing out book bags from Read Write Count tomorrow which include two new books and some activities for each pupil.

Please see the attached poster with information for a parent event on Monday 22nd November regarding the Read Write Count bag.

read write count.docx


Spelling: This week our sound is ‘ll’ and the class came up with an impressive word bank, well done! The spelling words are:

ox     run     from     will     bell

doll     skull     there     they     windmill

Reading: I have included reading homework within each pupils yellow reading record.

Numeracy: Last week we were learning about near doubles. I have included in their homework bags a worksheet to practise their own near double addition sums.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch