PRIMARY 1 INFORMATION – 14th September 2020

Hi P1 parents,

We have a short couple of weeks as it is the September weekend this Friday/Monday so I hope you all have a lovely and restful time.

This week not everyone will have reading sent home but everyone will have Key words to practise – If you have misplaced these then you can download a set here – STAGE 1 AND 2 SIGHT WORDS

Pupils look at the shape of the word and memorise it, this is initial stages of reading and they will not be able to sound out all the words.

We are also learning numbers 1-10 – recognising numerals, amounts and words while counting out numbers and showing numbers on fingers etc.  Any reinforcement of this at home would be such a great support for them. Some examples of reinforcing number are below.

e.g. “How many are there here?”

“Can you show me 7 fingers? How about making 7 in another way?”

“Count out 6 grapes, are there 6 there? add one “how many are there now?”


Most of you have had a look on SeeSaw and I hope you have enjoyed seeing our learning journeys.


Mrs Hinton


⭐️Primary 1 8th September 2020⭐️

Primary 1 have been very busy learning our new sounds (this week the sounds are c, ck and e) and using these to build some words.  We have been looking at numbers within 10, recognising these as numerals, amounts and words and counting with fingers. 🖐🏻

Please continue to keep up to date with completion of the phonics workbook at home.✏️

📕 Reading – I am trying to minimise the contact with reading books/journals.  Reading books go into “quarantine” for 72 hours before being re distributed but for reading journals I am going to try to update these weekly with intended reading for the week.  Most groups have 1 or 2 books a week and reading should be done each night along with learning the word cards.  The letter sent out today should help with outlining how we do early reading and some support you could give at home.  We are just in the early stages and learning to read page numbers, explore pictures and spot key words is our focus – children will memorise as per the pictures and this is totally normal and expected in the early reading process.

🧾 I would like to get the Seesaw letters out to parents this week so you can create and account to see some photos of our classroom and our learning.  If you have not handed it back yet then I will be sending another out on Thurs – or you can find a copy of the letter in the website post from the second week.

❕ A gentle reminder that we are a nut free school and that water bottles should only have water in them.

Primary 1 Week beginning 31st of August

The pupils have been enjoying using the Zones of Regulation to help them to discuss their emotions and where they feel they are throughout the day,  they used this language in nursery and talk very well about their “zone”.  There is no negative zone – because emotions are natural, but we talk about the optimum for learning as green and strategies to help get back onto green so they are ready to learn 🙂

This week I will be sending out some books which go over the names of the ORT characters and the first key words.  I have also included flash cards for each child to use at home to learn the words as well.

Pupils should read at home each night – discuss the story and the pictures, look at the words, point out and find words, follow the words with their reading finger.  Flashcards will be sent home for each new stage of the reading books, these should be used regularly to help consolidate learning if possible.

Pupils are learning numbers 1-10 and how to write them, playing games with 2 dice or dominoes will help them to count and recognise numbers and practising formation on numbers would be another worthwhile activity – this is what we have been working on this week.

I have sent home a letter requesting permission to use seesaw app for learning journaling, if this has not been returned I would appreciate if this could be done ASAP. click the link to download seesaw letter or email permission to

Many thanks

Mrs Hinton

P1 News and Information 25th August

Dear Parents/Carers,

We had a busy week last week and the class are settling into the routine of primary 1.  Mrs Black is not with us this week so we have some lovely nursery ladies in to help each day which will be lovely for us.

We are looking at The Zones of Regulation and emotions this week with a look at “The colour monster” book to help children understand their emotions and come up with strategies to get them back to “green-calm and ready to learn.”

I have not sent reading books home yet because I have been thinking of the safest way to have homework coming back and forward from school to home etc.  Other classes use Google Classroom but I do not feel this is suitable for us just now – I will send information home about Seesaw this week – it is an app like learning journals where we can share learning and information, I would like us to use this in P1 as an extension of our classroom as I know it is hard with you being unable to come inside etc.

This week, choose a book your child loves and talk about being ready to read – how to hold books, gently turn pages, use a finger to follow words right to left etc.  Ask the child to recognise some letter sounds that we have done and talk about reading pictures 🙂

Our sounds this week are “t” (Monday) and “i” (Wednesday) and next week we will be working on “p” and “n”. Pupils have a jolly phonics workbook they can work on at home.  In the current climate can this be kept at home and worked on weekly and returned when guidance allows us or when complete?  It is important to work at the same pace as school – Usually 2 sounds a week (pupils learn to write and recognise the sound, say the song with action, colour the picture and either practise writing the sound or words with the sound in it around the picture – in pencil if possible).

In numeracy we are looking at writing letters 1-5 and recognising numbers in “dots” – like dominoes, up to 10.  This could be a fun game to play at home or make your own poster.

My email address, for any communication, is

P1 news and Information 18th August 2020

Hi P1 Parents/Carers, this week is our first full week in school, how exciting!  We are becoming more familiar with school routine and are such a happy and smiley bunch 🙂 The children will be very tired and our afternoons will be spent doing some team work, purposeful play, outdoors (if the weather is not too bad), getting creative and having an afternoon break.


Pupils begin school packed lunches this week, we encourage them all to order something, even if they bring their own food, they are entitled to free meals.  We have a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack, they are feeling quite peckish throughout the day so are encouraged to eat at these times.  The lunches will be a choice of sandwich filling (cheese, ham, chicken or tuna) with a pudding (yoghurt or home baking on alternate days), fruit choice and a drink.  On Tuesdays there will be an option of a sausage roll and Pizza on Thursdays.  We are eating lunch in class which is a lovely social time for us all.

Home Learning

In class we are learning numbers 1-5 and how to write them, we are focussing on writing names and mark making and we are learning all about books.  We have began our phonics learning this week and will learn a new sound every Monday and Wednesday.

Pupils will bring a phonics workbook home and should complete the worksheets for their sounds every week. These are simple sheets to colour, practise writing the sound or words with that sound on them and maybe show everyone at home their sound song and action for their newly learned sounds 🙂 I will update this website with the sounds each week.



I am introducing the children to Biff, Chip and Kipper – for those who are not familiar with these characters, they are the main characters in the Oxford Reading Tree reading progression that we use in school.  We are enjoying exploring books, looking at front covers, reading from left to right and how to hold books.  The first books the children will bring home are simply picture books – we are learning to read pictures.  More information will be provided when these come home.  Books are able to go to home and back into school and will not be shared, books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being reissued.


  • We are still not changing into sports clothes, shoes or indoor shoes, this is council legislation.  Pupils can come to school on our main activity day (Thursday) in joggers/trainers (no football colours)
  • Please can your child come with a water bottle for class time, not juice
  • Suitable outdoor clothing is necessary
  • I can be contacted via email
  • Book bags for homework/letters etc can be bought at the school office for £4


P1 news and information 14th August 2020

School website:

My email address:

Dear Parents/Carers,

What a positive week we have had in P1, thanks so much for your support and understanding at unusual times.  The children have settled in really well to our classroom routine and I cannot wait for such a fun year.

We will be introducing google classroom in the future but for now I will use the school website to give information/home learning etc.  As we are social distancing, email contact is probably the easiest method, however, I am available for a chat too,

I will be in class most of the week with our learning assistant Mrs Black.  Mrs Cumming will be in class most Tuesdays.

Please note:

*We will have a more active day on Thursday, pupils can come to school with leggings/joggers and trainers on Thursdays to make moving around outside easier.

*Please can pupils bring a water bottle and a snack each day.  From next week, children will be given a choice of packed lunch from our school kitchen.  If your child comes with their own, we will assume they do not want a school lunch.

*We will not be changing clothes or shoes in school and can pupils come with a suitable outdoor jacket as we will be outdoors as much as possible.

*Items from home should not be brought to school, pencil cases etc are fine to bring in, but these cannot be shared.  We do have enough resources in school for each child J


Mrs Hinton

Letters from P1 19/20 to P1 20/21

Hello Future P1 parents and children,

All of us at Loanhead appreciate how unsettling it must be thinking about sending your little ones to school at the moment therefore we felt you may appreciate some words of wisdom from some of our youngest. P1 have thinking back over the year about their initial nerves and fears as well as all the things they love about being part of our school. Hopefully this helps you and your child begin to get excited about joining us in August as our whole team are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the Loanhead Primary School.

Spring activity ideas for the holidays

Hooray for the holidays! Although it does feel very different.  We all hope that you are staying safe and healthy.   There will be no official classwork set on Google Classrooms, although there may still be the odd fun activity.  We have, however,  put together a whole school Spring learning grid (click the link below) with some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing and for some fun family time if you run out of ideas.

Stay safe

All Loanhead Staff

Loanhead Spring learning grid