✏️ Primary 1 news and information w/b 13th September 📝

Hello lovely P1 families,

It was lovely to see some of you (virtually) for the curriculum evening. I am missing being in class with Team P1 but I know they will be doing some amazing work with Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Faulkner. I hope to see them all by the end of the week.

📝 Remember: morning and afternoon snack (discuss this with your child so they know what they are), water bottles with water only – no juice for class time, please label your child’s clothing.


The sounds we have learned so far are “s” “a” and “t”.  Pupils should know the action, the sound and a song and should be able to attempt to write the letter which makes that sound.  Examples of what we might use to inhance our teaching or home learning include:

Mr Thorne does Phonics 

Jolly Phonics songs and action


We are continuing to know our key words (below).  It is essential that these words are known at sight.  As one stage is completed then we begin work on the next one in order to develop our reading.

We are continuing to look at The Zones of Regulation and strategies to get back to Green Zone.  We are doing this through discussion, circle time and stories.

🧮 Numeracy

We are consolidating numbers 1-10 and then towards 15.  Looking at using 10 frames to spot a number at sight as well as counting and ordering from smallest or biggest.  We are also investigating a mounts that make up n numbers and building our mathematical vocabulary.


When counting, we are encouraging to start at a number that is not 0. e.g. can you could from 3 to 8?


Primary 1 have been using SeeSaw as a form of sharing their learning journey with parents.  This has been extremely successful in  the past and was also really user friendly for infants (and parents) during school closure.

I need to have a parent permission letter returned ASAP and then I can issue the class with log in information 🙂  I have some fab photos to share already.

seesaw policy

SeeSaw parent letter


📗 Primary 1 News and Info 23/8/21🖍

⭐️What a fabulous start to P1 all of the pupils had last week.  They have all settled in so well and it has been lovely getting to know everyone.

This week we will continue to focus on building relationships, embedding our routine and thinking about our “Zones of Regulation”.  We know it is OK to be in any zone, but we are learning our own strategies to help get ourselves back to green so we are “ready to learn.”⭐️

🏀 P.E. 🏀

For this term, pupils will have P.E. on Tuesday and Wednesday and should come to school dressed for this.  (more info on our school newsletter)

Pupils should have a water bottle with them in school every day (no juice please)


Children are all offered a choice of hot meal or sandwich/alternative each day,  These come with veg bowls and fruit as well as a drink.  There is also a yoghurt included for those who choose the sandwich option.

Please click here to see the lunch menu, pupils choose their lunch in the morning.  Some children bring a supplementary lunch as well as their snack.

If you have dietary requirements, please ensure this is written on the Annual Data forms which are due back this week.

📗Book Bags📗

These an be purchased for £4 from the school office.  Please bring cash in an envelope if you wish to buy.  These are very useful for when we start to send homework and reading books home.


📝Other notes:

Milk payment is due this week

Flu Vaccination letters and annual data letters need returned ASAP.


📗World Book Day 2021 – Digital book token 📚

📚  As part of World Book Day, the children always love to be given their book token in school.  This year I have been given a digital book token for parents/carers to save onto their phones and use in participating stores.  The children can get one of the £1 books using this token or they can get money off the other World Book Day books.  This can be used until March 28th.

Enjoy 🙂 and remember to send in your extreme reading photos


Mrs Hinton

P1 Book Day activities

World Bood Day is Thursday 4th March, but we are not able to dress up or bring in items from home this year.  We have lots of fun activities in class and our home activity is EXTREME READING.

Reading does not have to be done in your bed, or on your sofa or a carpet in school.  I bet you have lots of books at home that you enjoy over and over again.  This challenge is to think of somewhere a bit unusual to read your favourite/or current book.  Ask someone to take your photo in your creative space (s) and send them to me at k.hinton@mgfl.net.  There may even be a small prize….

The extreme reading location can be inside, or outside.  Previous entries have included on a canoe, on top of a fridge, upside down and in an outside den.  This is designed to be a wee bit of fun and hopefully I can create a display of all your wonderful photos in our school library.

Submit photos from 4th – 11th March

Enjoy 🙂

Mrs Hinton

🏠 P1 Home learning 18.1.21

Information for week 2 of home learning will be found on SeeSaw including the timetable below.

🏠 P1 online learning 18.1.21

Activities that require SeeSaw will be scheduled on the morning of their day on the timetable.💻

The hard work that parents and pupils have shown in 1 week of Home Learning has blown me away.  A huge pat on the back to everyone.

As always, more communication, information and messages will go through Seesaw.

Mrs H

Primary 1 Home Learning 11/1/21

Happy new year to our Primary 1 families,

Sadly, this is not the start of the year that we had hoped for and we find ourselves back to learning from home.  For many of you, this is the first time, and for others you will have older children using Google Classroom.

We began Primary 1 using SeeSaw as our home learning platform which is what we will continue to use.  I know the majority of families are already confident using this but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have technical difficulties and we will try our best to support you.  You can also request devices for home learning if this is proving to be difficult at home.

I will be working in school for 2 days a week and on those days I will not be able to provide feedback for the learning.  There will be activities scheduled and a timetable available for you to look at and work through.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we all get back into the swing of learning (and teaching) from home.


Mrs H