P1 Homework 20/11/17

Reading: Please see reading cards as usual and continue to revise words in word box.

Phonics: This week is a recap week. I have added the set of sounds that we have just been learning to the bag so that the children can use them, with your support, to make small words. It is important that the children don’t sound out the two letter sounds as two sounds, please reinforce the single sound: ‘oa’ as in boat,  ‘ai’ as in pain,  ‘ie’ as in pie and ‘ee’ as in see. This can be quite tricky for the children and they need to keep practising this regularly.

I am also sending home a worksheet to reinforce these trickier sounds.

Thursday: As this week is Road Safety Week the while school are going on a short walk to reinforce the need to ‘Be Safe and Be Seen’; could all children wear something bright or reflective for their outer clothing on Thursday if possible.

Nativity: Reminder – this is on Monday 11th December at 2.00pm. 3 tickets per family. More information to follow about costumes, lines etc.

Lisa Cumming


P2 Homework W/B 20.11.17

**Dates for Diary**

Nativity 2017 – slight amendment*

P1 and P2 will be performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action!‘ on Monday 11th December at 2pm. Each pupil can invite 3*  members of his/her family to come and watch. More info will follow about parts, lines, costumes etc.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair will be on Friday 1st December from 12:30pm. Once again, P1 and P2 will organise the toy stall so if your child has any unwanted toys in good condition, please send these in. Thanks in advance!

Homework this week

Spelling – List  u– e. Magic ‘e’.  This turns a short sounding vowel into a long sounding vowel. Children will be taught a little memory aid: ” The  e at the end turns the ‘u’ into a ‘you’ sound. This particular rule can prove tricky!!

Reading – as normal. Please send book bags in daily. Children should practise reading daily.

NumeracyNumber Tennis– please play this game with your child- it’s free and needs no resources! Pairs to ten; you say 6 and the child should say 4. You say 5 and the child should say 5.  You say 7 and the child should say 3…and so on! The aim is for instant recall.


  • If you know your bonds to 10, then try bonds to 9 by subtracting one from the second number of the pair.
  • If you know your bonds to 10, then try bonds to 11 by adding one to the second number of the pair.
  • If you know your bonds to 10, try ‘decade’ bonds to 100 by pairing up 30 and 70,  60 and 40,  50 and 50 etc…

PEWednesday (Athletics) and Thursday (PE with Mrs Duncan). The athletics sessions have been going very well with Craig and he has been working P2 very hard!

Topic – We have been reading ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ and should read more chapters this week. Our student teacher Miss Jeffcott has many more fun activities planned covering astronomy ( constellations) plus light and shadows in science and art. Sadly, this is Miss Jeffcott’s final week and we thank her for her hard work and wish her good luck for the future.

Road Safety Week – Hi-viz walk – The whole school is participating in a road safety awareness event on Thursday afternoon. Can children wear any bright, reflective clothing they have to go on a short walk, promoting ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt


P3 Maths Games

A number of parents said that the maths games were a particularly popular form of home learning.

Here are the links we have been using.

I would particularly highlight Hit the Button because it has so many options. You can practice different things on that format, at lots of different levels as appropriate. Number bonds to 10 are always a good thing to keep on coming back to.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan















P3 Egyptian Tomb Home Challenge

Egyptian Tomb Home Learning Challenge

Can you make an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber?

The Ancient Egyptians left behind lots of amazing things, especially in their tombs. Rich Egyptians were buried with furniture, jewellery and lots of the other items they had used during their lives. Their tombs were also lined with hieroglyphics and pictures. These contained stories and spells to help the dead person as they entered the afterlife. It has been by digging up these tombs and studying the things inside that archaeologists have discovered so much about Ancient Egypt.

Your challenge is to make your own Egyptian burial chamber. The floor space should be roughly the size of a piece of A4 paper (e.g. a shoe box would be perfect). I have spare boxes if anyone needs.

Your tomb needs to have:

  • A mummy or sarcophagus
  • Hieroglyphics and pictures on the walls
  • Canopic jars (what the mummies’ internal organs were stored in)
  • Jewellery, furniture and other items from the person’s life

If you like, you could make up ideas about the Ancient Egyptian person your tomb belonged to.

You can use whatever materials you like. Please bring your tomb into school to show on Tuesday 5th December. I’m told that parents often ask how much help to give on a project like this. My advice would be to help the children realise their own ideas without doing it for them.

P3 Homework from 14th November

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 14th November

On Mondays with Mrs Wallace the class has been learning about shapes. Please could you send in any cardboard that would flatten out to make the ‘net’ of a shape? For example, empty cereal boxes or Toblerone packaging would be perfect.

P3 have made a great start to our Ancient Egypt topic. So far we have learned how to read and write in hieroglyphics. This week we will be investigating tombs, mummies and archaeology.

Linking to this topic I am going to challenge the children to make a model of an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber at home. Full details of this will come out later in the week, but if you wanted to rescue any shoe boxes etc. from the recycling then that might be useful preparation.

A number of parents have asked for a list of the online maths games we use to boost counting and addition / subtraction. I will put a list of links up on the website, tagged for P3.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



This week we are focussing on working out change. This will be the hardest maths work we have done. We will start by working within £1, but build up to within £5 or even £10.

Two online games to help practise this would be:



In class we compare the price of the item and the amount paid, and we ask how much we need to add to the price to “make it match”. This is best done is steps, up to the tens number and then up to the pound. For example, if I use a £1 coin to buy a toy for 47p, to “make it match” I would need to add 3p to make 50p, and then add 50p more to bring it up to £1.

This is tricky, so practice with support will go a long way.



Pages from class books will be written down in the grids. From Thursday we will all be writing our own non-fiction books about Ancient Egypt, with a contents page and glossary.



Spelling words to practice this week are:

bike                 five

nine                 like

time                 wife

prize                meet

Egypt               Nile

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.

P6 Spelling 13.11.17

Monday 13th Novemeber

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice in jotter.

Please complete one activity from the sheet at front of jotter.

Please complete sheet.

(Chocolates complete 2 activities from sheet).

For Monday 20th Novemeber

P1 Homework 13/11/17

Reading: As per the reading card in their reading books. Please also revise all their words regularly.

Phonics: We are learning 3 new sounds this week: ie, ee or and z. The sounds where two letters are together are more complicated and your child may find these harder to learn. It is important that your child understands that the two letters make one sound. We use a short rhyme for the two-vowel sounds: ‘When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking,’ (although this is not  always the case) meaning the first vowel says its name not its sound.

Science: Please continue the moon phase observation sheet.

Miss Brunt and I hope to get more information out this week about the parts in the nativity. All children have been asked if they would like a speaking part and those that wanted to have been auditioned.

Don’t forget we are collecting second-hand or unwanted toys and books for the Christmas Fair -if you have any to donate please hand them in to us or at the office.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming