P2 Homework W/B 20.11.17

**Dates for Diary**

Nativity 2017 – slight amendment*

P1 and P2 will be performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action!‘ on Monday 11th December at 2pm. Each pupil can invite 3*  members of his/her family to come and watch. More info will follow about parts, lines, costumes etc.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair will be on Friday 1st December from 12:30pm. Once again, P1 and P2 will organise the toy stall so if your child has any unwanted toys in good condition, please send these in. Thanks in advance!

Homework this week

Spelling – List  u– e. Magic ‘e’.  This turns a short sounding vowel into a long sounding vowel. Children will be taught a little memory aid: ” The  e at the end turns the ‘u’ into a ‘you’ sound. This particular rule can prove tricky!!

Reading – as normal. Please send book bags in daily. Children should practise reading daily.

NumeracyNumber Tennis– please play this game with your child- it’s free and needs no resources! Pairs to ten; you say 6 and the child should say 4. You say 5 and the child should say 5.  You say 7 and the child should say 3…and so on! The aim is for instant recall.


  • If you know your bonds to 10, then try bonds to 9 by subtracting one from the second number of the pair.
  • If you know your bonds to 10, then try bonds to 11 by adding one to the second number of the pair.
  • If you know your bonds to 10, try ‘decade’ bonds to 100 by pairing up 30 and 70,  60 and 40,  50 and 50 etc…

PEWednesday (Athletics) and Thursday (PE with Mrs Duncan). The athletics sessions have been going very well with Craig and he has been working P2 very hard!

Topic – We have been reading ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ and should read more chapters this week. Our student teacher Miss Jeffcott has many more fun activities planned covering astronomy ( constellations) plus light and shadows in science and art. Sadly, this is Miss Jeffcott’s final week and we thank her for her hard work and wish her good luck for the future.

Road Safety Week – Hi-viz walk – The whole school is participating in a road safety awareness event on Thursday afternoon. Can children wear any bright, reflective clothing they have to go on a short walk, promoting ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt


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