P3 Egyptian Tomb Home Challenge

Egyptian Tomb Home Learning Challenge

Can you make an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber?

The Ancient Egyptians left behind lots of amazing things, especially in their tombs. Rich Egyptians were buried with furniture, jewellery and lots of the other items they had used during their lives. Their tombs were also lined with hieroglyphics and pictures. These contained stories and spells to help the dead person as they entered the afterlife. It has been by digging up these tombs and studying the things inside that archaeologists have discovered so much about Ancient Egypt.

Your challenge is to make your own Egyptian burial chamber. The floor space should be roughly the size of a piece of A4 paper (e.g. a shoe box would be perfect). I have spare boxes if anyone needs.

Your tomb needs to have:

  • A mummy or sarcophagus
  • Hieroglyphics and pictures on the walls
  • Canopic jars (what the mummies’ internal organs were stored in)
  • Jewellery, furniture and other items from the person’s life

If you like, you could make up ideas about the Ancient Egyptian person your tomb belonged to.

You can use whatever materials you like. Please bring your tomb into school to show on Tuesday 5th December. I’m told that parents often ask how much help to give on a project like this. My advice would be to help the children realise their own ideas without doing it for them.

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