P6 Reading Homework (Misss Prior) WB 18.01.16

For the last two weeks we have been focusing on reading skills in class, specifically inference.This weeks homework is a reading comprehension sheet.  You can complete the homework on the sheet.

In a previous post I said to complete the work for the next Thursday. However, to give me time to mark I have decided Wednesday is better.

People who did not do this weeks homework please also do this for next week.

Homework due-27.01.16

Creative spelling!

Thanks and well done to Kirsty, Tobey and Rebecca who all decided to bake in order to help them remember their spelling words last week.





P6 homework for Miss Longford for Monday 25th Jan

P.E. decide on your own homework that has to be P.E. based and something that you don’t normally do. e.g. I go to dance classes every week so this week I’ll ride my bike at the weekend too or go for a run.

Write your aim or target in your homework jotter and evaluate how well you managed to achieve it afterwards.

Everyone has spelling words for next Monday and should draw a picture which features all of the words.

P1 Homework- 18.1.16

Just a reminder that children are not allowed to bring toys in to school. Too many children are bringing toys in and these are getting lost or damaged. Please encourage your child to leave these at home.Toys/games are okay in school on Fridays if your child wishes to play with them at golden time.


Writing homework jotters will be collected.

Phonics homework- This week we are practicing the ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sounds. A worksheet with ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ words will be sent home- please help your child read these words by sounding them out. These sheets should be kept inside the sounds folder.

Reading homework- new reading books will be handed out today please check reading markers. New key words will be added to your child’s key ring please make sure you practice these words at home so that your child recognizes them. It is important that you continue to practice previous key words as well.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.

Maths- We have been learning about money and using coins. A maths homework sheet with Dad, Biff and Wilma will be handed out today. This will be collected on Friday.


Writing homework- new writing sheets will be added to children’s writing homework jotters. These will be collected on Monday.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.


Maths homework collected.

Thanks for your support

Miss Conway

P3 Homework (18.01.16)


  1. Please write spelling words out three times in columns using look, say, cover, write, check.
  2. We have been learning how to use a dictionary. Look up each of your spelling words in the dictionary and write the word that comes after it.

For example soon-soot

Spelling 18


shape worksheet

If anybody would like to bring in some real items for our shape table it would be much appreciated. The shapes would be the same as the ones on the maths sheet.

All due for Friday!


Homework P4 20/01/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we are focusing on the 4 x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 3x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learnits updated please let me know.


See jotters.

Wordlists: write cover copy check and a spell well activities task.


Red Group- Jungle Shorts- Chapter 2 for Thursday and Question 1.

Pink- See bookmark

Blue and Yellow (12/1/17 and 19/1/17)- Poem by J.K Annad- Read and learn.

Orange Group – The Boss Dog- Chapter 3 and Comprehension Sheet Q7&8

Green Group- Blue Shoes Ch 3

Purple Group- The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me- Pages 20-27 in Reading jotter summarise the story so far. Then illustrate your favourite part so far. Remember a summary is short (50 words) and should be clear to those who haven’t read the story.

Growth Mindsets/ The Brain

Have a think about something that you used to find very difficult and can do better now. Or think about something that you could never ever do but now can. Be ready to talk about it on Monday.

If you can’t think of anything, ask an older person if they have an example that you can share.


We have started our new Vikings topic and need any card or plastic pizza bases, margarine tubs and petit filous yogurt pots that you can spare!

If the children have any books or resources for an information table they want to bring in that would also be very useful. Thank you to Amber who has already helped with this.

Mandarin Song

We are learning a new Mandarin Song, if anyone wishes to practise,   visit



Mo li hua        Jasmine Flower

hǎo yī duǒ mĕi lì de mò li huā
hǎo yī duǒ mĕi lì de mò li huā
fēn fāng měi lì mǎn zhī yā
yòu xiāng yòu bái rén rén kuā
ràng wǒ lái jiāng nǐ zhāi xià
sòng gěi bié rén jiā
mò li huā ya mò li huā


MO LI HUA (Translation)

What a jasmine flower!
When jasmine blooms.
Not even snow is whiter.
I want to pluck one and wear it
But I’m afraid those around me would mock me.

What a jasmine flower!